Celebrity House Tour

Yesterday we went on another house tour here in Brooklyn, this one in a charming neighborhood called Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.

We saw 11 two- and three-story homes altogether.  The homes are beautifully and comfortably decorated, many with small gardens in the back.  It was the usual interesting, informative, and uneventful tour until we got to one particularly notable home towards the end.

This place seemed eerily familiar, and we knew we were someplace special when we were asked to remove our shoes before entering.

As it turned out, this home was prominently featured in (dear, departed) Domino magazine last year. It belongs to a successful interior design team, John & Jason of John Loecke, Inc. who were very brave, I thought, to show off their home to anyone who happened to pay $20 for the tour, including a lot of their immediate neighbors!

The house, super-comfortable but a little over the top for my taste, provides the perfect showcase for their work.  One can have absolutely no doubt about their taste, and what you will get if you hire them.

In a small Hollywood-in-Brooklyn touch, we even spotted a few “celebrity interior designers” (think “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) as we made our way around the neighborhood.  We figured they made their way all the way out to the wilds of Brooklyn to support their pals!

Lots of bravery all around :)

2 Responses to Celebrity House Tour

  1. Bethany Bennett says:

    These small gardens are very cute and do not cost much to set up.

    • Ann says:

      Thanks for the comment, Bethany. The small gardens on the house tour were one of my favorite things about it and you’re right — they’re a simple way to bring good Chi energy to your home.

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