Feng Shui & Your Neighbor’s Garden

Last week I received a question from Irene:

“My neighbor said my clematis brings bad luck as it intertwines around the trellis between our yards.

“She has cut the clematis on her side and as a result I have fewer flowers this year. What do you think?”

I answered her in an email:
Feng Shui is about taking care of ourselves in our spaces, so we use it to focus solely on the environments we control exclusively.

As soon as we share control of a space, we need to make sure that the people with whom we share it also share our point of view about its Feng Shui.

Having a tense relationship with your neighbor will not enhance the Feng Shui of your home, so you may want to keep the peace by moving the plant.

Clematis violacea

Beautiful Climbing Clematis

Clematis usually responds well to being cut back. For next year you may want to trim yours and move it to a spot that’s not shared with your neighbor.

That way you’ll be able to let this beautiful and abundant plant run as free as it likes, creating just the Feng Shui atmosphere you’re after.

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  1. AnnFengShui says:

    Thanks Cherry — I think you are right, that as long as the flowers stay on the right side of the fence, there’s no issue!

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