Too Much Feng Shui?

The Prospect Lefferts-Gardens house tour this past Sunday provided so much food for thought.

There was the clean, modern house decorated head-to-toe with furnishings from Room and Board, the house decorated by celebrity professionals (which I blogged about in my last post), and one of the most beautiful brownstone gardens I’ve ever seen.

And then there was the “Feng Shui house.”

We spotted red tassels on doorknobs, bamboo flutes in every room, maps as wallpaper in the Travel area of the bagua … and on and on. Everywhere I looked I saw a Feng Shui “cure.”

I love Feng Shui. There is no doubt that you can change your life by changing your space. But in this case it was just too much! The decor of the house felt oppressive; the objects felt like distractions.

The experience reinforced my determination to use Feng Shui wisely, beautifully and subtly. Feng Shui is about your intentions, not “stuff”. We need to remember to use its power wisely :)

  • Elizabeth

    I couldn’t agree with you more! People who think Feng Shui is a ‘style’ ruin it for those of us who see it as what it really is…a system of arranging items for optimal energy flow. We can do that with ANY style of decor.
    Glad to have a sister in arms…and a new friend on Twitter!
    Elizabeth Chamberlain

  • Ann

    Thanks, Elizabeth! I really appreciate your comment, coming from a West Coast Feng Shui expert!