Bad Feng Shui? Colors for Kids’ Bedrooms

Here are some paint colors for kids’ bedrooms that a well-known paint manufacturer recently advertised in a major magazine.

kids' colors

From a Feng Shui perspective none of these colors belong in a child’s bedroom!

These are all lively Yang colors — great for the activity and joyful noise of play areas, dens and rec rooms.

But a child is unlikely to get a good night’s sleep in a room painted in these noisy, aggressive shades.

Instead your child’s bedroom needs to feel like their sanctuary from a busy world: safe and secure, quiet and restful.

One of my favorite Feng Shui color palettes for a nursery is a lovely soft green. In Feng Shui, green symbolizes the growth and vitality of a young child without being overly stimulating.

Choose Yin colors for your child’s bedroom: soft soothing shades that calm them down and help them get the sleep they need to grow into their fullest potential!


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