Chi Energy: The Foundation of Good Feng Shui

In order to have good Feng Shui, your environment must have a healthy flow of the universal life-giving force called Chi Energy.

When Chi Energy is stuck, you feel stuck; when it rushes too fast, you miss out on its life-giving benefits.

For good Feng Shui, beneficial Chi needs to flow smoothly and easily everywhere you live and work.

An environment with good Chi flow enhances every part of your life, so success and abundance can flow into your life with ease.

The Hudson River brings good Chi.

Good Chi energy: New York's Hudson River

Feng Shui’s unique practices have evolved over thousands of years into a system that’s designed to bring healthy Chi into your environment as quickly and easily as possible.

• The harmony of Feng Shui’s Five Elements nourish you by aligning your space with the natural world.

• The Bagua Energy Map identifies specific adjustments that anchor the power of your intention.

• The ever-changing forces of Yin & Yang optimize the balance of your space with masculine and feminine energy.

Feng Shui bring you its benefits by looking at every aspect of your space: your furniture arrangement, color, texture, artwork, symbolism and more.

The result? A space filled with comfort, safety and beauty, the hallmarks of good Feng Shui – and healthy Chi energy.

2 Responses to Chi Energy: The Foundation of Good Feng Shui

  1. vicki Ande says:

    Hi I have a Hat stand at my front entrance with coats and scarves. will this affect Chi energy

    • Ann says:

      If your hat stand feels like it’s blocking you in any way as you enter and leave your home, then yes, it is having a negative impact on the flow of your Chi energy. Try moving it to another spot, or removing out-of-season items, to create better flow through your front door.

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