Lazy Susan-palooza!

Could your kitchen and bathroom use a Chi energy lift? As anyone who knows me well has discovered,

I LOVE lazy susans.

I love them so much that I use 12 (twelve!) of them in my Brooklyn apartment. People ask me how this could possibly be true, so without further ado, here they are :)

Let’s start in the kitchen, with two that get used every day:kitchen vitamin-lazy-susan


Salt & Pepper, vitamins, peanut butter … it’s all easy to get to, and easy to keep clean.



Here’s my pantry, with five (!) of them, hard at work.


No more spices hiding at the back, unreachable and going stale.

Lazy susans give you easy access to your stuff, and make every cabinet more fun to use.



They bring excellent Chi energy into places that frequently feel lifeless.


Here are two I keep in the fridge for jams & jellies, small containers of condiments and more:





If you have the space, lazy susans in the bathroom makes it super-easy for two people to share one cabinet.


My husband and I have three in our bathroom cupboard.  Face cream, toothpaste, makeup brushes, just give it a spin and our stuff magically appears:





You can find lazy susans at shops like the Container Store; I recommend Rubbermaid brand for easy cleanup and efficient space-saving.

Be sure to measure your shelf space before you buy.

Here’s to good Cabinet Chi!

4 Responses to Lazy Susan-palooza!

  1. Cindy says:

    did you know they make lazy susans to fit the size of your cabinets? there are some huge ones out there! you know, like the ones that you find in corner cabinets! there is quite the selection of lazy susans out there. they even have them for TV’s. wish i had invented them – kind of like the post it notes!
    i see why you love them!

    • Ann says:

      So glad to hear from a fellow lazy-susan aficionado!! The more the better, in my book :) You’re inspiring me to add a few more to the Shopping Corner on my site, in fact — I’ll do that over the weekend. Thanks so much for the comment, Cindy!

  2. johnnylucid says:

    These are excellent for desks, work stations and workbenches.

    • AnnFengShui says:

      Thanks, Johnny! A great addition to the collection, keeping so many things close at hand without being out-of-control :)

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