9 Feng Shui Tips For Small Spaces

If you live in a small space you know just how quickly it can turn into a home with less-than-ideal Feng Shui.  Packing too much life into a tiny area can easily grow overcrowded, chaotic, and disorganized.

Can an environment that just feels too small ever become your most sacred space?

The answer is “Yes.”

Floor Plan for Feng Shui

Start by making a floor plan of your apartment.

Here are nine tips that will help you honor your small space — or that of someone you know — with “enlightened Feng Shui.”

(As an aside, I feel like something of an authority on this topic, having lived for 14 years in a 250-square-foot apartment.  I know these tips work!)

1. Place the most significant piece of furniture – usually the bed – in the Command Position.  This critical step will make you feel safe and put you in control of your space.

2. Make sure multi-purpose rooms have clear divisions between sections.  Things like area rugs and sheer curtains visually separate your bedroom area from your office area, for example, while retaining the open feel of the space.

3. Create an entryway that’s clear and open, making it easy for positive Chi energy and valuable opportunities to enter no matter how much stuff your home contains!

4. Unify your environment with a consistent color scheme, varying it with shading and texture.  Consider ways to employ Feng Shui’s Bagua and Five Elements with color, texture and shape, rather than with physical objects.

5. Minimize the number and variety of keepsakes on view to keep visual noise to a minimum.  Consider rotating your mementos, keeping things fresh by displaying just a few extra-special items at a time.

6. Make the most of every inch of storage and especially, “go vertical,” as the saying goes.  Measure every nook and cranny to see what kind of storage might work.

In my tiny apartment, for example, I took advantage of a narrow hallway by installing shelves that were just 5” deep.   I was astonished at how much stuff those shelves could hold!

7. Enlarge the space with mirrors, bringing in good Feng Shui by reflecting things you enjoy looking at, particularly nature and the outdoors. (You can also find a fantastic selection of  mirrors here.)

8. Keep Chi energy circulating by hanging an energizing crystal from the ceiling or a fixture as near to the center of your space as you can manage.

9. Clear clutter daily, honoring the space by making this part of your routine.

When you take these steps in your small space you create your own private sanctuary: a welcoming environment you’ll be glad to come home to every night.

What are some of your favorite Small Space Tips? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

9 Responses to 9 Feng Shui Tips For Small Spaces

  1. Hi Ann,

    After seeing your photo and reading so many of your great articles, I feel that we have met. Perhaps at eWomen?Or have you been to Victoria B.C. Canada?

    Ann, do you any on-line webinars for Feng Shui?

    If so, I would like to receive some of your information.

    Looking forward to connecting.

    Carell-Ayne Whalen
    Victoria B.C. Canada.

    • Ann says:

      Thank you Carrell-Ayne. I’m not sure we’ve met, but please send me your email address (ann@openspacesfengshui.com) so I can add you to my newsletter mailing list. All the best, Ann

  2. dirk says:

    This is all right on target. I too live have lived in several small spaces. I would take the anti-clutter even further with new construction and say get rid of all window and door trim. Even those little additions can add to clutter in a small space. Every inch counts.

    • Ann says:

      Thanks Dirk, I’ve lived in teeny-tiny spaces here in NYC where I learned how right you are about every inch making a difference in making a space feel streamlined and serene :)

  3. Helen says:

    Great advice on all levels, although as a Brit currently living with partner and cat in a one bedroom flat totaling less than 90 square foot, it’s still feels like a huge challenge to balance our differing needs without just going completely minimalist and giving everything away. I’m new to Feng Shui and to make matters more challenging, we both do work / projects primarily at home; the living room is his workspace, the bedroom my work area as a necessity. Moving the wardrobe out of the bedroom helps but my cat isn’t happy about it. 90 sq ft pr or less for a one bedroom is perfectly normal in the UK, I guess that’s what we get for being a small country :p

  4. Jennifer Wink says:

    My space is tiny and has almost a non existent living space. We use the back door, in kitchen, would it be ok to block front door( -in L.R.) and eliminate the use of it to make better use of space?

  5. Suzaine Fabia says:

    How can you use feng shui in a 25sqm?

    • Ann says:

      Hello Suzaine,
      You are right, this is challenging, but it can be done if you follow the suggestions in this (and other) posts. I’ve done it myself, in fact, by keeping my belongings to a minimum, using storage wisely, and keeping an awareness of Feng Shui principles every day. Good luck!

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