7 Steps To A Good Night’s Sleep

Are you surprised to learn that a huge percentage of Americans suffer from lack of sleep?

Sleeplessness has been connected to everything from a lackluster love life to a wide range of physical and emotional health problems – and now it’s even been found to be associated with weight gain and the obesity epidemic.

If you suffer from insomnia Feng Shui offers many adjustments to help you make a change for the better.

Here are seven Feng Shui steps you can take to give yourself — and the people you love — the gift of deep, healthy sleep, every night.

Feng Shui Bedroom

Serene, warm, welcoming… Zzzzzzz…

1. Remove the mirrors from your bedroom. This is my #1 Tip because I have seen it help so much, over and over again. Look around for places to relocate them: in the hallway, on the back of a door in another room, or in your entryway.

2. Either remove the TV or cover it up so it won’t “call out to you” when it’s time for sleep. TV’s emit so much energy that they keep your room awake 24/7; their lights always seem to be flickering; and they’re so reflective that it almost feels as though there’s another mirror in the room.

3. In the same vein, remove all the books from your bedroom to a place where their stimulating nature will be welcomed – your office or living room, for instance.

4. Make your bed every day. An unmade bed reminds you of the stresses in your life, while a neatly-made bed welcomes you each night with a feeling of serenity and peace.

5. Learn to meditate. Meditation is a natural relaxation technique that comes to your aid when you find yourself tossing and turning. At night, tap into your meditative state by using earplugs that help you get in touch with your own breathing – much better than counting sheep!

6. Cover your bedside clock when you sleep to remove its insistent, high-pressure reminder of the passage of time.

7. Place your bed in Feng Shui’s Command Position, the spot in your bedroom where you feel most in control. When you’re easily able to see the door, your defensive instincts will naturally relax, helping you to sleep through the night.

And don’t forget to get some exercise. Surprise your dog with an extra 15 minutes’ walk, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, walk home from work.

If you can sneak in a few extra moments of moving around each day, you’ll be that much more tired when it’s time for bed.

Use Feng Shui to take charge of your sleep life, and your whole world will change for the better.

What are your secrets for getting a good night’s sleep?

  • http://www.ivanexpert.com Caroline Green

    Good list. I’ve done a few of these, and there are definitely a few I’ve been meaning to do (especially moving/covering the TV). Another big problem for me is doing work on my Mac laptop while in bed, which also doesn’t put me in a good frame of mind for sleep. Is this the 21st-century version of the TV in the bedroom?

    • http://openspacesfengshui.com Ann

      Caroline, an article about the impact of computers in bedrooms JUST appeared this week on cnn.com! Let me know what you think! (I’ll post it on the blog next week, too.)

  • ChrisLWagner

    I board dogs in my home and they always wake up at the crack of dawn so I know about not getting sleep. I trick that works for me if I have insomnia is: Don’t look at the clock. If I know what time it is, I’ll just stay awake calculating all the hours I haven’t slept.

    • http://openspacesfengshui.com Ann

      Thanks, Chris — that’s a great tip. Looking at the clock is definitely dangerous ;) — I cover mine with a cloth as I sleep!

  • http://writespeaksell.com Jeannette Paladino

    Great tips for someone who can have problems getting to sleep. I’ve used a white noise machine for years to block out external noises, but it also forms a “cocoon” around you. It creates your own space, which is very comforting, even if you’re sleeping in the same bed with a loved one.

    • http://openspacesfengshui.com Ann

      Thanks so much for the comment, Jeannette. White noise machines are miracle-workers, aren’t they?

  • http://www.ourlittlebooks.com Julia Lindsey

    My husband always loved having the TV on to go to sleep. He always complained about not getting good sleep. I took the TV out of the room (for a trial) and he was amazed at how much better he can sleep.
    I am curious why mirrors disturb sleep.

    • http://openspacesfengshui.com Ann

      Julia, thanks so much for your comment. That’s great about your husband!

      Here’s a blog post about mirrors that might help with your question — but let me know if you have more questions about it!

  • http://the-second-half-of-my-life.com/ Marion

    I really like the tip about making the bed.I know a lot of people who would be embarrassed about admitting they don’t make their bed every day! However if your readers try doing it for 30 days they will be amazed how good a sleep they get and by then it has become a great habit too!

  • http://catarinasworld.com Catarina Alexon

    Good article. Had forgotten the feng shui of bedroms. No wonder I sleep so well since the Feng Shui masters would approve of my bedroom.

    • http://openspacesfengshui.com Ann

      Thanks Catarina. It sounds like your bedroom is very supportive and a positive place for you.


  • http://www.opinionatedant.com/ CMcKane

    Great list. Although I love to read in bed while in school for sleep we learned that bed should be confined to very few activities like sleep and intimacy. Which makes total sense.

    I don’t have a TV in my room but I’ll admit I watch movies or listen to music on my PC.

    • http://openspacesfengshui.com Ann

      Hello & thanks for your comment! I’d just suggest that you keep your PC as far as possible from your body & especially your head, as you sleep. It can make a really big difference.

  • http://www.thefamilytrifecta.com Amy

    I am one of those bad sleepers. We have a TV in our room and bookshelves full of books. Both of which distract my husband. Me? I just worry about my to do list. I am going to give the meditation suggestion a try tonight.

  • http://www.tatterscoops.com Maureen

    Great article and tips. Will have to give this a try for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://openspacesfengshui.com Ann

      Thanks for writing, Maureen. I’m so glad you enjoy the tips!

  • EC (Lisa) Stewart

    As much as I love my pussycats, I realize they have been a huge disturbance to my rest. We’ve decided to sleep ‘sans-cats’ every other night and it definitely helps give us the recuperative sleep we need!!

    • http://openspacesfengshui.com Ann

      Thanks for this great comment Lisa. That will be a major point in my next post on this topic!!

  • http://www.jessilicious.com Jess Webb

    AWESOME tips, I love these! :) Definitely going to try some of these and see what difference they make in how well I sleep. I’ve heard of some of them, but had NEVER heard the mirror one – very interesting! :)

    • http://openspacesfengshui.com Ann

      Hi Jess — I think you’ll find the mirror tip to be super-helpful. I’ve seen it help the sleep of sooo many clients in the past. Thanks for writing!

  • AnnFengShui

    Hi Julia — Good to hear from you and congratulations on your good grade!

    Yes, I think you are on the right track about why your sleep is disturbed. Once you have cleared out as much as possible you will create good Feng Shui and I expect that you will sleep much better. Please keep me posted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/magiloucks Magi Loucks

    Aack, remove the books? My bedroom is in the helpful people and travel section, and I have an all-but-missing knowledge section but for the bathroom. I’ve been putting my books on philosophy, religion and travel in the bedroom next to the bed. No go?

    • AnnFengShui

      Hi Magi, if you are having trouble sleeping, I do recommend removing the books to another part of your home, perhaps to the Helpful People/Travel and Knowledge sectors of another room. The calm feeling of a bedroom without books is instantly noticeable. Add travel pics to your bedroom instead, perhaps?