Footboards On Beds: Good or Bad Feng Shui?

It’s a given that headboards on beds are good Feng Shui, but Heather is curious:

Do  footboards on beds affect the Feng Shui of the bedroom?

Feng Shui-wise, here are two sides to the footboard coin.

footboard on bed

On the downside, footboards can make you feel as though you’re trapped, and they can block your view of the door at certain angles, preventing you from having visual command of your space.

Over time the limitations of a footboard can make you feel as though your entire life is constrained: bad Feng Shui indeed.

And I personally don’t like footboards because I’m tall: it feels like I can never fully stretch out.

But footboards create good bedroom Feng Shui in a couple of specific situations as well.

  • If your bed can only be positioned directly facing the door, rather than in the Command Position that Feng Shui recommends, a footboard will blunt the force of Chi energy coming through the door straight at you, and cause it to flow around you instead.
  • And kids prefer footboards, too, because they add to the child’s feeling of safety and security during the night.

Does your bed have a footboard? How does it make you feel?

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2 Responses to Footboards On Beds: Good or Bad Feng Shui?

  1. Lisa Zaslow says:

    I love how specific your advice is; I never would have thought about the impact of footboards. Great tip about how they protect if your bed must face the door – I often see that situation with my clients – great to be able to tell them the Open Spaces remedy!

    • Ann says:

      Thanks so much, Lisa. I’ll be writing even more about this topic next week — I’ve had a bunch of good questions about it!

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