Bad License Plate Feng Shui

I came across this license plate on our recent travels and felt a chill pass over me:

Bad license plate Feng Shui.

Yes, I would have to agree.

Sending this message to themselves, to everyone around them, and to the universe itself is probably not going to help to bring the abundance into this driver’s life that I suppose they must be seeking!

What do you think: am I taking this too seriously?   Or would this bother you, too?

  • Hazel Thornton

    No possible good could come from this!

  • Bruce Barone

    NOT GOOD!!!

  • My Perfect Space

    Wow! There is a person here who is in Real Estate, as a Broker, and her license plate says BROKER. I know what her intention is, but every time I see it, I want to say “shouldn’t you have said RICHER or PROSPER or something?”

    • Ann

      So glad you all agree with me… and Dana, yes absolutely!! I’d think exactly the same if I saw it, I’m sure. Gotta think these things through :)

  • Ronnica

    I think that’s an excellent way not to get your car broken into. =)

  • Stefan Lonce

    You may know what a VNTY PL8 says, but you never know exactly what a VNTY PL8 means until you speak with the vanitizer…

    • Ann

      Love the different perspectives ;) I don’t have a car myself, living in Brookyn and all, so my pov may be a little different from others ??