#1 Tip to Clear Paper Clutter for Better Feng Shui

I’m working on a project to improve the Feng Shui of my client’s home office, and the first thing she showed me was her “filing system” for bills. Here it is:

Paper clutter equals bad Feng Shui!

All her bills and financial statements are hiding in their envelopes! And what’s in those accordion files??

This is a major “stuck energy” situation, blocking her cash flow and general financial health as well as positive Chi flow in her life.

And it’s no wonder she can’t find things when she needs them.

So here’s my #1 Tip for organizing your papers with good Feng Shui:

Remove statements and bills from their envelopes, unfold them and file them in month order by vendor (eg, phone bills by month, bank statements, and so on).

Use file boxes or file drawers to organize them. Do NOT use accordion files, which turn into “mystery files” all too easily.

Three things happen when you use this paper-organizing strategy:

  1. Your papers take up less space.
  2. You can easily locate things when you need them.
  3. You can easily toss things when it’s time (here’s how to tell just how long you need to keep which papers.)

Organizing your papers is one of the easiest ways to create better Feng Shui instantly.

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