Bedroom Feng Shui: Five Tips For A Perfect Headboard

Want to instantly improve the Feng Shui of your bedroom?

Add a headboard to your bed.

Like the Mountain it resembles, a good headboard provides you with a sense of security and support.

A good headboard also empowers you, strengthening you in the Command position and creating a safer haven if you have no choice but to place your bed out of the Command location.

padded-headboardYou’ll reap greater Chi energy benefits with a good headboard, too.

But for best Feng Shui results, you can’t use just any headboard.

 A headboard with good Feng Shui has a few essential characteristics:

It’s made of solid wood, or it’s padded.

  • Wood has a natural warmth and “give” to it, while padded headboards are super-comfortable and inviting to the touch, adding some sexy sensuality to your bedroom.

It’s solid.

  • A solid headboard gives you a sheltered place where positive Chi can cradle and nourish you all through the night. Bars, slats and openwork are no-no’s because they allow Chi energy to flow right over you and quickly through the open headboard.

It’s attached to the bed.

  • An attached headboard makes you feel secure when you lean up against it.

It’s in proportion with the rest of the bed.

  • Headboards that are either too high or too low feel unnatural and will not cradle you as you sleep.

It has a soft silhouette.

  • No sharp edges or corners, please!

A headboard provides a feeling of sweet sanctuary like few other things can do.

For much, much more about creating good Chi energy in your bedroom, check out my new ebook Feng Shui In The Bedroom: Your Path To Love, Romance & Intimacy.

(Photo by angi231700 on Creative Commons)

23 Responses to Bedroom Feng Shui: Five Tips For A Perfect Headboard

  1. Sam says:

    What about a headboard with builtin shelves and a reading lamp? If it’s a no-no, is there a way I can fix it without replacing?

    • Ann says:

      Sam — thanks for a great question, which will apply to a lot of people. You’ve inspired me to write a followup blog post about it next week but here’s the short answer: make sure the shelves are clutter-free, and move the lamp as far from your head when you sleep as possible.

  2. Guest says:

    Hello Ann, Thanks for your wonderfully simply yet informative website. How can I cure the bad feng shui of having an iron headboard of open design (something that I am not fond of, but can not replace)?

    • Ann says:

      Hello there, Thanks for your kind words :), I really appreciate them!

      The goal with your headboard is to create the security of The Mountain behind you when you’re in bed. To that end I would suggest hanging a padded textile of some kind over it: a beautiful textured throw, for example. Alternatively you could disguise the headboard with large pillows during the day and to lean on when you’re relaxing in bed.

      And then replacing the headboard as soon as you are able!

  3. Thanks for those tips. Sometimes we cannot sleep due to the bad position of our bed. It is really good to apply feng shui in your rooms since it really helps in designing and positioning of your bed.

  4. AnnFengShui says:

    Kim, yes, you are very much correct. I would be happy to speak to you about all this whenever you are able to do so.

  5. jf1960 says:

    I have an open headboard. I need advice how to bring good with open headboard. Is there a cure or remedy?

    • AnnFengShui says:

      I’ve received this question several times recently and will be posting an article about it shortly. Thank you for asking.

  6. Zelia says:

    Hi Ann

    How are you?… Question please.

    I live in a small, self contained, flat, in other words, one room. It has taken me 3 weeks to change my single way of living and thinking, into, a couple’s flat, as I am now wanting (and ready) for my soulmate :)

    Long story short… Do I really need a bedroom headboard? It will look like my room is crowded if I get on or make one. The front of my bed is up against half the wall… So only one person can lean against the wall while the other can’t… It’s the way the room has been built…

    Also… Should I cover the microwave door, since there is a mirror reflection?

    I like my room the way it is now… Just need your advice on the ‘feng shui’ rule…

    Thanks for your answers

    xo Z

    • Ann says:

      Hi Zelia,
      Thanks for this great question. It sounds as though you have been doing a lot of good work to shift the energy in your flat!

      Regarding your question, the Feng Shui purpose of a headboard is to create the feeling of having a mountain at your back, protecting you and cradling you while you sleep. It would be best for relationship energy if the second person also had something to lean back on, so that the two people can have a balanced experience while in bed. Even a set of sturdy shelves might do the job. If a headboard is impossible then I suggest two things
      — Symbolically create this same feeling by putting large square pillows behind your regular sleeping pillows. These look like a headboard during the day, but can be removed at night, and don’t add any extra square inches to the footprint of the bed.
      — Paint the wall behind the head of your bed a different color to mimic the look of a headboard without taking up any space at all.

      The reflection off your microwave is probably OK unless it directly faces your bed while you sleep, or reflects light into the room at night. If this is the case I would at least cover it when you go to sleep.

      Good luck and here’s to good relationship Chi!

  7. Zelia says:

    Blessings Ann

    LOL!! While I was reading your reply, my friend came over for a visit, and guess what she brought me as a gift?…

    Two small square pillows! I was in shock & so was she when I told her about me contacting you :)

    Feng Shui (& the Universe) was really listening and working…:)

    So now that I believe you have ‘powers’… how about using them for my soulmate to finally enter my life…:) (LOL)…

    Thanks Ann for your help, and it works. As I walk into my (small) flat, my bed now looks like it has a bed-board. I love it.

    xo Zelia

    • Ann says:

      Awesome — that’s the power of synchronicity at work in your life! I’m so glad it worked out so easily for you, and thanks again for a great question.
      ps — sending all good energy for your soulmate to appear very soon!

  8. kit says:

    i was thinking of adding a soft white rounded brick paneling behind my bed is this good or bad Feng shui
    i currently have a padded headboard which will remain
    it is a small bedroom
    the rest of the rooms walls are in soft rose

    • Ann says:

      Hello Kit,
      This could be very nice, as brick represents the Earth element in Feng Shui and it is always good to have the Earth element in a bedroom. The padded headboard is excellent and the paint colors also sound good.

  9. kate a says:

    I was clicking on various links and ended up on this article – it struck me as so funny because I’ve never really liked my master bedroom bed (iron bed open head and foot board). My guest bedroom bed has a solid headboard and is solid wood. I have always liked it more than the master – and now I understand a bit more of the “why” — I may have to finally switch them out.

  10. Victoria says:

    Ok I am making a upholstered headboard, and I need suggestions for material. I LOVE Dark Blue …Big Bold Bird print? What is best for good sleep/sex/solid partnership… in printed material headboards

    • Ann says:

      Hello Victoria,
      Great question! I would suggest a smaller print that blends with the rest of your decor and doesn’t dominate the room. You also want to avoid any sense of overwhelm when you’re in bed with your partner. Be sure also to use sexy, skin-toned colors in your bedroom decor. Good luck!

  11. Gee says:

    Hi there!
    Pls tell me the best place where i can put the headboard. East south west or north. Thank u

    • Ann says:

      The best place for your headboard is in the Command Position of your bedroom, whichever direction that faces. Please take a look at my blog posts about it! Thanks :)

  12. ann says:

    Does color and style of headboard matter? Mine is wood painted white and shutters style at head and foot boards… Is this good or bad feng shui? What does white mean? Please advise. Thank you!

    • Ann says:

      Hello Ann,
      If your headboard is solid and you can lean comfortably on it when you’re sitting in bed, then it has good basic Feng Shui properties.

      White is the color for the Metal element (you can find out more about this if you search for White, Metal or Five Elements in the search box). I suggest that you read up on it to find out what kinds of things you can do to balance the Five Elements in your bedroom. Here’s to good Chi!

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