The Feng Shui of Bills & Paperwork

Even though it piles up relentlessly, not all the paper in our lives can be described as “toxic”.

In fact much of the paper that comes into our lives is absolutely necessary. We are not close to being a paperless society at the moment.

From a Feng Shui perspective it is beneficial to know the best place to keep your bills and other paperwork as you process them.

A drawer of bills and financial records.

In terms of Feng Shui the best spot for in-process paperwork is the Children/Future/Productivity area on the right-hand side of your space.

This is the Bagua area that represents your ability to get things done.

It’s associated with the Metal element, symbolizing your focus, rational thought, organizing skill and determination.

Making this area a home for your “work in progress” sets the scene for productivity and success.

2 Responses to The Feng Shui of Bills & Paperwork

  1. jdocrc says:

    This is a great article – I appreciate the information & it does make a lot of sense.
    Right now, my paperwork is in my DR, but I want to move all of the process, computer & paperwork into my office- and make the DR area a more peaceful place.
    It all works well for me there, though. I will try a change, and see how “it” goes. Thanks again for the info.

  2. These are great practices for properly handling our paper billings. These tips are helpful in minimizing clutter  and protecting our personal information. Thanks for sharing.