Back To School With Feng Shui: Part 1, A Bagua Map for Students

It’s “Back To School” season here in the U.S., when students of all ages begin to think about classrooms, books and teachers, and set goals for academic success.


This Back-To-School With Feng Shui series features all the tips you need to get your child’s school year off to a productive start, and make it more enjoyable, too.

If you have a student in your life, or are a student yourself, I hope these Feng Shui tips will send your child (or you!) back to school with renewed energy and style.

The Bagua for School Success
The Feng Shui Bagua describes nine life areas that are key to your child’s happiness and success, at home, at work or at school.

(For complete information about this important tool, please read How To Use The Feng Shui Bagua Map.)

Use the Bagua to enhance the room where your student studies and/or sleeps during the school year, starting by identifying the areas where they most need good energy right now.

I’ve identified four of the most important Bagua areas to enhance at the beginning of a typical school year, along with a few recommended Feng Shui enhancements:

The remaining five Bagua sectors may also be important in your particular situation, of course. Can you think of ways to personalize and enhance your student’s key areas?

I urge you to harness the Bagua’s power, helping your child activate their intentions for the school year and establish their unique identity during this time of change and growth.

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(photo by Guldum Ustun on Creative Commons)

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