Clear Your Clutter: Your First Action Step To Good Feng Shui

Want to get unstuck and create good Feng Shui in your space — today?

Your first step to good Feng Shui: a good, healthy clutter-clearing.

Clutter represents stuck energy. It can keep you tied to the past and prevent new opportunities, experiences and relationships from entering your life.

Clutter also distracts you from the here and now, and can make you feel that life is unnecessarily difficult.

Start by checking your home for these four types of clutter. (Hat-tip to space-clearing expert Karen Kingston.)

Clutter Type #1: Things you don’t love, use or need.

  • Outdated tax returns, gifts you never loved, kitchen utensils you don’t use: what do you have around you that doesn’t support you 100%?
  • Surround yourself with the things you love, use or need, to allow your space to nourish you like never before.

Clutter Type #2: Too many things in too small a space. 

  • Take a look at your overcrowded closet.   Do you find yourself wearing 20% of your clothing, 80% of the time? Let go of things that no longer fit, aren’t in good shape, are dated or unflattering…  you know what I mean 😉

Clutter Type #3: Things that are untidy or disorganized.

  • When you don’t know exactly what’s in a pile or a drawer, that’s clutter. This type of clutter is frequently found in “junk drawers,” stacks of papers, boxes of tech equipment and computer cables….

Clutter Type #4: Unfinished projects.

  • As long as a project goes unfinished, its energy continues to beg for your attention. Either finish the project right away, give it to someone else to complete, or dispose of it altogether.
  • Ridding yourself of the guilt attached to unfinished projects is refreshingly liberating!

Clearing your clutter helps you in countless ways.

For example if you’re looking to attract romance into your life, making room in your closet sends the message that you’re ready for a special new someone to “take up some space” themselves.

Start the clutter-clearing process and let me know what happens. I guarantee that it will make a difference.

One Response to Clear Your Clutter: Your First Action Step To Good Feng Shui

  1. Lisa Zaslow says:

    Great advice. (Tho many accountants recommend you keep old tax RETURNS forever, tossing the back-up after 3-7 years) Clutter type #5 – things that are in the wrong place, e.g. holiday ornaments stored on a convenient shelf in the hall closet, leaving no room for hats and umbrellas you use all the time.

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