Kitchen Feng Shui for Small Apartments

Reader Hillary asks how to create good Feng Shui in the small kitchen in her apartment.

Most apartment kitchens have very tight layouts, where the cook can stand in just one place and reach everything he or she needs.

I love to cook, so my kitchen gets a lot of use.

Here’s a photo; even though it’s small it’s still larger than any of my past apartment kitchens 😉

My home kitchen, w good Feng Shui.

My apartment kitchen.

From a Feng Shui perspective the kitchen symbolizes Health and Wealth: if you don’t have good health, it is much more difficult to create wealth and abundance in your life.

So your kitchen needs to have excellent Feng Shui, which comprises three essential criteria no matter what size it is:

1. Elemental balance. The kitchen is a naturally “Fire-y” place because of the stove.

  • Balance Fire’s strong energy with the elements that control it: Earth (seen here in the yellow walls and countertops), and Water (seen here in dark-colored accessories).

2. Good Chi flow. Healthy Chi energy needs clean, clear surfaces to do the best job of nourishing you and your loved ones.

  • Keep your counter-tops as clear as possible. Store there only the things you use every day. For example, I’ve gotten rid of our toaster altogether because we used it so infrequently. (I broil toast in the oven if I must!)

Kitchen abundance.

3. Artwork that exudes abundance and good health. No matter how small your kitchen, there’s always a way to anchor and activate your positive intentions through artwork.

  • Find a piece of art that really “speaks” to you and hang it up. It may be a painting of fruit like the one I have in my kitchen, or a picture of something else that reminds you of abundance: a family photo, instance. Use your imagination!

How are you creating good Feng Shui in your kitchen?

(photos by ABG)

4 Responses to Kitchen Feng Shui for Small Apartments

  1. Lisa Tener says:

    Wow, we have a small kitchen as well. We recently painted it and put in new countertops, all variations on white to make it look bigger. The tile is off white as well. Now, I’m wondering how I can add earth and water.
    Would love any ideas.
    In addition, my fridge is full of children’s artwork, magnets and schools notices. I will go tidy that part up right now–an easy feng shui fix. Thanks.

  2. Holly Megan Johnson says:

    Plants are the best thing for a kitchen.  They drain the fire energy.  If red is used it needs to be minimal and balanced with other colors because of the metal, fire and water energies (appliances, stove/oven, sink).  Best colors for a kitchen are green and yellow to balance these energies.  The more plants you have in a kitchen the more in balance it will be.  (to a limit obviously.)

    • AnnFengShui says:

      Hi Holly, Thanks for your comment. You’re right that too much Fire is dangerous in a kitchen, and that elemental balance is important. However because plants represent the Wood element, they feed the Fire element rather than draining it. Earth drains the Fire element — colors like yellow, taupe and other earthtones, ceramic tiles and square shapes are best for this.

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