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The news story about Courtney Love’s landlord troubles has caught my eye because I’ve heard that Courtney is a Feng Shui aficionado. 

Ms. Love had been accused of causing a small fire in her townhouse, as well as being two months behind on her ($27,000/month!) rent.  In the end the judge cleared her of the charges.

I was curious to see photos of her home.  What would it reflect: the chaos that frequently seems to surround her, or the fact that she’s in the clear in this case?

Let’s take a look.

Here is  her living room, inviting and comfortable while still feeling light and open.  Some aspects of the space are especially good Feng Shui: the Water-y looking artwork over the fireplace, and square table in the center symbolizing the Earth element.

Courtney Love's feng shui living room

But I’m most struck by the furniture placement: the couch and at least one chair are placed in the all-important Command Position, ensuring that visitors will feel safe and at home here.

Next comes the parlor, with large, inviting chairs also placed in the Command Position!  The range of colors evokes the Five Elements, adding a sense of balance and flow. No one will feel unwelcome in this space.

Courtney Love-feng-shui-parlor

Courtney’s desk, below, is another important piece of furniture in the Command Position.  The desk is the seat of her wealth.  I love the way the screen wraps her in its embrace, and how she has given herself good task lighting, all important pieces of the Feng Shui puzzle.

Courtney Love's desk

And now, Courtney herself, in her front entryway:

Courtney Love in her front hallway

Notice the small Buddha and flower arrangement on the staircase behind her, which serve to slow Chi energy as it cascades down the stairs

What do you think?  Are you surprised that Feng Shui shows up throughout her home? to put her home?  I know I was at first, but I’m thrilled that she did :) 

I hope it bodes well as she continues her high-energy journey through life.

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