What If My Fame Area Is In The Bathroom?

One of my dear readers writes:

“I just laid the Bagua Map over my home and discovered that my Fame & Reputation area is located in my bathroom!  This can’t be ideal — please help!”

Dear reader, while you are correct that it’s not ideal, don’t panic –> you don’t have to move out of your house, and your reputation can still be enhanced!

Think of this as yet another reason to make your bathroom as spa-like, warm and cozy as possible. 


Candles + red accents = bathroom luxury….

The Water element dominates the bathroom so to begin with use the Wood element for balance.  (More on balancing the Five Elements in the bathroom here.)

At the same time since Fire represents the sense of expansion, illumination and brilliance associated with your Fame & Reputation, you’ll want to make sure Fire is well-represented in your bathroom.

Candles, warm lighting, pointed or star-shaped objects and subtle red accents all bring Fire to life.

 You may also wish to bring in an inspiring reminder of your own brilliance: a photo you’ve taken or piece of art you’ve created, for example.

In other words, create a bathroom that inspires your intention to create a positive reputation in the world!

I welcome other ideas for creating an uplifting bathroom!

(Photo credit: homedecorarcade.com)

4 Responses to What If My Fame Area Is In The Bathroom?

  1. karen says:

    Using basketry for any bathroom accessories is a great way to bring in the Wood element, as well as natural materials that are softer, curved and textured, and are in the Water-balancing, warm Earth tones of yellows and browns. Try baskets for holding bath accessories and extra TP, a natural basketry waste container or clothes hamper, a grass floor mat or a textured linen/grass-look shower curtain.

  2. Monica says:

    I made a template of my bathroom floor and took to a carpet store so they would cut a red piece of carpet that I could place in my bathroom.
    I now use red towels.
    Small pottery was placed and now I have a basket for the trash.
    Let’s NOT forget to keep toilet lid down and every pipe with water going OUT with a ribbon on it.

    • Ann says:

      I suggest using the Wood element (green colors, column shapes) to balance the Water element in your bathroom. Wood also feeds the Fire element, so it supports your intention when your bathroom is in the Fame & Reputation sector. Water & Fire clash so I would suggest reducing the direct use of the Fire element (red color) in your bathroom.

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