Placing The Feng Shui Bagua Map On Rooms With Angled Doors

Today’s question comes from Irma, who is trying to figure out how to place the Bagua on the bedrooms in her home.

Irma writes,
“I just moved into a new home and am having difficulty with the bedroom doors. They are kitty corner into the rooms.

“How do I place the Bagua and determine where each part of it goes in this particular case?”

Here’s an example of a floor plan with angled bedroom doors:


You can see that the two smaller bedrooms on the right have angled doorways where it is not immediately clear which wall you might use to orient the Bagua Map.

In these kinds of situations the role of intuition comes into play in Feng Shui.

Here is how I answered Irma’s great question:

“Hi Irma,
“There is no absolute way to know the correct answer only by looking at the floor plan. 

“In my consulting rounds I stand in the doorway in order to let my intuition tell me which corner “feels” more like the far left corner — the Wealth sector of the Bagua.  After I determine this the rest of the Bagua falls into place.  

“So this is what I suggest you do for each bedroom in your home.  One way of positioning the Bagua will always feel more correct than the other.

This was a great question — thanks Irma!

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