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Five Elements in the Garden — Metal & Your Sense of Smell

Our noses often give us the first signal that something is changing in our environment — like the smell of ozone after a rainstorm. In Feng Shui our sense of smell is associated with Metal, the element of discernment, perception, and Joy. To spark your sense o… read more »

Feng Shui Is For Kids

Just as it attracts good energy into the lives of grownups, Feng Shui creates a nourishing and supportive environment for kids, an atmosphere where they feel happy and successful right from the start. Feng Shui considers youngsters so important that one of its ei… read more »

Feng Shui’s Fabulous Five Elements

The Five Elements are one of the special tools Feng Shui uses to enhance your life at home and at work. The Feng Shui Five Elements balance and harmonize your space with color, artwork, furnishings, textures and shapes. If you feel out of balance, stuck, or in a negat… read more »