Office Feng Shui Consultation

An office Feng Shui consultation creates healthy Chi energy to support every aspect of your work and bring you the success you desire.


Get in touch for a Feng Shui office consultation that helps you:

  • Maximize your financial success,
  • Enhance important relationships,
  • Boost your business reputation,
  • Attract the best employees and ideal customers,
  • Improve productivity and creative thinking,
  • Create a comfortable, stress-free working environment.

You’ll feel the energy shift as we look at every aspect of your business, making Feng Shui adjustments that help you achieve your goals.

An Office Feng Shui Consultation with me includes:

  • home officeIn-depth Feng Shui assessment using the Bagua Energy Map, Five Elements theory and other Feng Shui tools and techniques.
  • Feng Shui adjustments including auspicious desk positioning, cash register placement, color and art selection and more.
  • Energetic balancing and birthdate assessments.
  • Sketches, notes and maps including recommended Feng Shui remedies.
  • Two months of email follow-up support.

Fees vary: please inquire. Travel fees may apply for locations outside Manhattan and Brooklyn.

I value your privacy. All Feng Shui consultations are completely confidential.