10 Creative Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Small Yards

Are you struggling to fit all of your outdoor needs and wants into one tiny backyard? Do you want to host a barbecue party for your friends but don't find a comfortable space in your outdoor area or maybe you want to enjoy your morning coffee on the patio? Despite these facts, you can easily transform your backyard space with these 10 creative outdoor living space ideas for small yards. It is possible to create a beautiful outdoor oasis that is ideal for entertaining friends and family. Check out the list below and get yourself ready to change the entire look of your backyard!

Key Takeaways –

  1. Take little steps to achieve bigger.
  2. Get help from feng shui principles that allow you to create harmony and balance in an outdoor environment. 
  3. Always focus on (pocket-friendly) things.
  4. Prioritize your lifestyle with healthy living activities.

10 Creative Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

The expert tips for small outdoor spaces range from decorating the walls or expanding your patio with bricks to creative, inexpensive ideas that will inspire you.

      1. Make Your Dream Come True With An Alfresco Area

There are many things to follow when it comes to going through alfresco ideas. It is important to research the right materials and designs for your alfresco area. You should also consider your budget and the amount of time you have for the project. Hiring a professional is advisable if you don't want to go wrong in any face. 

      2. Outdoor Bar Cart

Despite a small yard or patio, you can create your own portable bar by using a weather-resistant cart. Add your favorite drinks and drinkware. This small backyard idea doesn't require permanent storage; it can be rolled into the house or garage when not in use. When planting season arrives, use it in your garden as well.

      3. Transform The Patio Shape

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor area, opt for a patio that looks like a gazebo. This can be done by adding lattice walls, trellises, and hanging baskets. A water fountain or other water features can also add to the atmosphere and create a calming environment. 

      4. Bring More Green

When you have a small yard, it can be difficult to grow a variety of plants. Even in places with a concrete patio, you can add a little greenery to liven up the space. A few pots full of plants, such as succulents or herbs, can help bring life to your yard. You can also add a vertical garden or hanging plants to create a focal point. 

      5. Create a Cozy Rustic 

The ideal way to make the most of your patio size is to use it as an advantage by using a cozy rustic design, rather than fighting against it. Certain styles lend themselves well to small spaces, and a rustic edge will make your guests feel more cozy rather than cramped.

      6. Add Some Extra

A grill area in your backyard can be a great way to bring together laughter, friends, and delicious food. Create a grill area that is easy to clean so you can cook simple dinners for your family and friends on the weekend. If you are cooking for your friends or just want to prepare a simple dinner for your family like grilled chicken, this small backyard idea is perfect for you. Set up a grill and a side table in an L-shaped layout in your backyard.

      7. More Aesthetic Lighting 

In addition to extending the utility of a small deck, lighting can also enhance its aesthetic appeal. You can hang pendant lights or even battery-operated exterior lighting, so you can use the glowing light for an evening cocktail or morning coffee. Adding the right lighting to a space can drastically alter its mood, which is why you might end up with an entirely new atmosphere after adding it.

      8. Plant Your Personal Garden - Vertical Design 

The only option if you can't grow out is to grow up! If you've got a small backyard, you probably can't have a huge vegetable garden where you can preserve everything you need for a year. But that doesn't mean you have to stop thinking about it. This small backyard gardening idea uses wooden pallets to hang plant pots. Place a bench beneath to stack larger containers. Plant your favorite veggies first. 

      9. Built-in Benches 

Adding a built-in wood bench to your patio space will not only add a sense of unity and bring the space to the next level, but it will also add a cohesive feel and make it feel more like home.

      10. Add More Pop Colors

No matter how small your backyard is, you can still decorate it! Functional décor items, such as outdoor rugs, patio furniture sets, and colorful planters, will provide a welcoming, comfortable outdoor environment. These cozy details in your backyard will make it a favorite spot for you and your guests. Do not forget to provide shade when it comes to the scorching days. An outdoor umbrella should do just the trick.

Following The Feng Shui Principles

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement. Feng shui aims to create harmony and balance in the environment. It is based on the idea that the energy in the environment can influence our well-being. If we carefully select furniture and décor and them in certain ways, we can create an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to harmony.

Feng shui is covered in five principles that can be used to create a peaceful and nurturing environment in your home. You can enhance your outdoor living space or home décor in your entire home. Feng Shui is more than just furniture placement.

  1. Balance is key to feng shui.
  2. Having open pathways in your space helps to improve the flow of energy.
  3. Every room should be commanding.
  4. Make your home feel strong.
  5. Utilize the Bagua map.


Let's summarize our top 10 creative outdoor living space ideas for small yards!

There is always some space available when it comes to transforming an outdoor living space's look. If you don't want to bring expensive changes, take a step with a few well-planned items that will help you to easily create an outdoor space that feels like an extension of the home.

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