12 Ways The Feng Shui Command Position Reduces Stress & Creates Success

12 Ways The Feng Shui Command Position Reduces Stress & Creates Success

The command position, the place in a room that empowers you, is a fundamental idea in the Feng Shui philosophy. It's where you can see the door and get a general sense of the space. As a result, you are in command of both the environment and your energy.

In any place, the Feng Shui command position can be used. It involves arranging the furniture so that it enhances the energy and helps you carry out the particular purpose of the space. Finding tranquility in your bedroom, focusing in your office, and unwinding in your living room all assist.

The command position, often known as the power position, is most commonly used in bedrooms and offices. Good posture is crucial because these are the areas where you spend the majority of your time. Let’s have a look at 12 ways the Feng Shui Command Position reduces stress and creates success for you.

1. See danger coming from afar

Your bed should be positioned so you can see the bedroom door from your bed without being right in front of or next to it (in the commanding position). According to Feng Shui, having a view of the entrance without being too close provides protection and encourages unwinding and sound sleep.

While the head of the bed should be against a wall, it should not be placed next to a window, which could enable qi to escape and lead to insomnia. There should be equal room on both sides of the bed if two persons are sleeping there so they can each easily get in and out.

2. Reduce the stress & frustration of not knowing what’s happening behind you.

Increased energy, increased productivity, and decreased stress These objectives may resemble the (perhaps unmet) resolutions you make for yourself each year. But what if altering your immediate environment may facilitate achieving them? Feng Shui focuses on all these aspects simultaneously.

Moving things around can revitalize your life, according to the guiding principles of Feng Shui, the ancient art of Chinese spatial alignment. Do you notice you're more agitated or anxious when your home is disorganized? That's because your environment and how you feel are directly related, according to the Feng Shui theory.

3. Take charge of your business (have you ever seen a CEO facing away from the doorway?)

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the placement of your workstation significantly impacts the prosperity, success, and happiness you experience in your professional life. The command position is the most important desk position. The command position is achieved when your workstation is placed diagonally across from the room's entrance, your back is to a solid wall, and you have a feasible broadest view of the space.

Sitting in the command position, you should ideally see all of the room's windows and doors. You can truly govern your work life to a much higher extent when you have visual control over your environment. How frequently have you noticed businesspeople seated behind office doors?

4. Feel safe & secure at all times, especially when you’re at your most vulnerable in bed at night.

The healing and loving energy created by Feng Shui is thought to enhance your sleep quality significantly. We all know how crucial relaxation is for a restful night's sleep. Therefore, it seems sensible that a room with appropriate Feng Shui would boost relaxation levels.

You don't need anything more for a restful night's sleep than a space that you feel loved and comfortable in, according to Feng Shui.

5. Sidestep negative Chi that would otherwise rush straight at you through the door

Everybody encounters particular persons and circumstances in life that can also be incredibly depressing. We get even more depressed when we bring that bad vibe into our houses. You become trapped in a negative feedback loop that degrades your quality of life. What do you then do?

The negative energies chi in your home can be banished using specific Feng Shui techniques. Feng Shui may help your home have a better flow of life force energy and help you get rid of bad chi. Have you ever wondered where all of this bad energy comes from? It might have something to do with the previous residents, your horoscope, or your mindset.

6. Avoid being blindsided by events

If your furniture is placed in the commanding, the possibility of you missing out on any major occurrence is very low. Moreover, you get an omniscient view of your surroundings, leading you to anticipate what comes next. It could be good or bad; either way, you will have completely prepared for it due to the command position. 

As they say, “You can’t get knocked out by a punch you see coming; you get knocked out by the ones you don’t see.” In this case, this knockout punch can be a blindsiding event that you can easily avoid using the command position.

7. See opportunities coming your way

You have full control over what comes and goes when you are in command. You can detect possibilities coming from miles away. You develop an understanding of which opportunities are too good to be missed and which are worth grasping. Either way, the command position ensures that your time isn’t wasted; it is used on something productive. 

8. Have advance notice of new situations as they arise

How can new situations disrupt your peace when you already know what they will be? Feng Shui ensures you advance notice of new situations in business and all aspects of life. How you arrange your bedroom, desk, and stove determines whether you will be rattled by new situations or will you stay strong and tackle them head-on. 

9. Have the flexibility of movement in any direction

The perfect position, aka the command position, allows you flexible movement in any direction. It encapsulates all the possibilities and presents them to you. This enables you to determine the course of action you want to take in case any situation occurs. As a businessman, it allows you to anticipate which steps will lead your business to success. Similarly, the bed placement in the command position can help you prepare for any situation in your overall life. 

10. Open up your “life vision.”  Being out of command restricts your viewpoint, constraining the possibilities in your life

When you are not in command, you will forever have tunnel vision. This tunnel vision is indirectly proportional to your life’s vision. When you can see nothing but a singular path set by someone else, you will not be able to succeed in life. Humans have the potential to break through and improve every day. However, if they are limited to one position, one role, and lack authority, they become like robots and lose their identity. 

11. Avoid surprises

Surprises can be one of the biggest dents in any big plan. In life or business, you must remain calculated and always know what to expect. If you don’t, there is a chance your life or business could come crumbling down within days. 

12. Relax and function at your best

You can only function at your best when you are relaxed, and there is no better relaxation than being in command. Knowing full well about all the possibilities that could ensue from your decisions gives you a sense of relaxation that directly translates into peace and confidence. 

Key Takeaway

Place your bed in the Commanding Position for general life success, your desk in the Commanding Position for business success, and your kitchen stove in the Commanding Position for your health and riches to reap all these benefits and more.

You can better control every aspect of your life when you put yourself in the Commanding Position. You'll feel more equipped to handle anything your way since you can see what life has in store for you.

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