16 Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle Annually

Did you ever feel like your home had a stagnant energy? It may be a sign of neglected maintenance, as per ancient Feng Shui practice. 

Feng Shui believes that just like our bodies, our homes need regular care. After all, annual upkeep not only saves you money on repairs and extends the life of your appliances but also makes your living space feel more open and inviting. 

A recent Feng Shui review also confirms that, based on a survey that found 70% of respondents would not buy a house with serious Feng Shui problems. Who wouldn't want crisp air blowing, sunlight streaming through clean windows, and the hum of a furnace, right? 

So, what maintenance projects should you tackle each year? This blog post will give you a roadmap to keep your haven functional but positive - as Feng Shui suggests. Let's get started! 

Annual maintenance projects 

Here are annual maintenance roadmaps, one for each season: 

  • Spring 

According to Feng Shui, spring represents renewal and new beginnings. Just as nature wakes from its winter sleep, your home may also benefit from a fresh spring cleaning. Do the following: 

  1. Cleaning gutters and downspouts: What if you don't clean your gutters? They must have murky water inside of them, right? Worse than that, they encourage mold and mildew growth. Standing water is considered stagnant energy in Feng Shui. That's why this season is a great time to clear leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts so positive energy can flow freely. 
  2. Air conditioning system inspection and service: Then comes the inspection and servicing of your air conditioning system. Doing so ensures proper function and healthy air circulation, which is important for creating a harmonious environment, as suggested by Feng Shui. 
  3. Checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Then, test your smoke detectors to make sure the alarm works. It's a simple act that creates security and safety - which are the key elements of a balanced home according to Feng Shui principles. 
  4. Performing outdoor maintenance: Embrace spring by trimming overgrown trees to encourage positive energy flow and sprucing up your patio to make it an inviting outdoor space. 

Including these basic tasks will not only keep your home running smoothly but will also create a calming and positive environment in accordance with Feng Shui. 

  • Summer 

With summer sun at its peak, keeping your home balanced is crucial. That's where preventive maintenance comes in. 

  1. Cleaning clogged dryer vents: Doing so saves time and reduces fire hazards. 
  2. Refrigerator coils - inspection and servicing: The same way, inspecting and servicing refrigerator coils ensures healthy and uninterrupted food storage - an essential part of a healthy environment. 
  3. Checking and fixing leaks: Also check for and repair leaks around faucets and hoses. According to Feng Shui principles, leaks represent stagnant energy and lost money. So, addressing them promptly keeps positive energy flowing and financial health good. 
  4. Lawn care: Also, regular lawn care (fertilizing, weeding, and watering) keeps your outdoor space looking good and, in Feng Shui, represents growth and prosperity. And with landscaping increasing a home's resale value by as much as 20%, you shouldn't take this aspect of home maintenance for granted. 

Care for these summer maintenance tasks, and you'll keep your house running smoothly and help the environment, too. 

  • Fall 

As autumn leaves begin to cascade, indicating colder weather is coming, you need to prepare your home. This season is about making your home cozy and filled with positive vibes for the winter months. 

  1. Gutters and downspouts cleaned (again): First, revisit the task of cleaning gutters and downspouts, ensuring proper drainage and preventing winter storms from causing water damage, which can symbolize disruptions in the flow of positive energy. 
  2. Winterizing outdoor plumbing: Next, drain hoses and cover exposed pipes to make your outdoor plumbing winterized. It stops pipes from bursting in extreme temperatures, and according to Feng Shui, it's also about protecting your home. 
  3. Schedule furnace cleaning and inspection: Book a furnace cleaning and inspection. A properly maintained furnace provides heating and clean air circulation for a healthy environment. 
  4. Sealing air leaks: Plug air leaks around windows and doors. This little act increases energy efficiency and, in Feng Shui, means strengthening your home's perimeters to make you feel safe and protected. 

Wish to prepare your home for the colder months but also create a comfortable, nurturing environment in line with Feng Shui principles? Take care of these maintenance tasks. 

  • Winter 

Winter (introspective in Feng Shui) is a time to focus inside to make our homes safe havens. Here, preventative maintenance takes center stage again. 

  1. Checking roof for damage and removing snow accumulation: Checking your roof for damage and removing snow accumulation prevents structural problems and, according to Feng Shui principles, represents protecting your haven from outside disruptions. 
  2. Fireplace or heating system inspection or maintenance: This step provides for optimum performance and creates warmth in your home. 
  3. Test fire extinguishers: Did you know that US fire departments respond to an average of 790 home structure fires during winter every year? So, don't forget to test your fire extinguishers, too. Having readily available fire extinguishers promotes safety and, in Feng Shui, also represents preparedness to deal with problems. 
  4. Proper ventilation of heat-producing appliances: Finally, make sure appliances that produce heat have adequate ventilation. It prevents harmful fumes from building up and, according to Feng Shui, allows for healthy positive energy flow through your home. 

The colder months need a peaceful and secure environment, which is what you should expect when performing the following maintenance tasks. 

Final thoughts 

Keeping a functioning and harmonious home is more than a seasonal job. Deep cleaning, air filter replacement, outlet safety checks, pest control, and other professional inspections aren't season-specific but are still maintenance staples.  

And consistency is key to a clean, neat home as well. It makes your home run smoothly and creates a space that attracts positive energy, safety, and well-being - a haven you can enjoy year-round.

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