4 Ways to Apply Feng Shui in Your Garage

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, involves strategically organizing spaces, including garages, to facilitate positive chi or energy flow. A cluttered or disorganized garage can block positive energy into your house. In Feng Shui, every enclosed space attached to your home is part of the energy matrix.

As such, you consider your garage a vital part of your home’s Feng Shui, include it in the Bagua Map, and care for it as you would other important spaces. Implementing Feng Shui in your garage can help keep it clean and organized. Discussed below are four ways to apply Feng Shui in your garage.

  1. Choose a good Feng Shui garage door color

    The garage door is as seen as the beginning of your home’s Feng Shui because it acts as the mouth via which energy enters and leaves. Its color can significantly impact the quality of your household’s energy flow. Selecting an auspicious color for your garage door can help increase positive energy flow into your home because colors are symbolic. Some of the colors to consider include:

    • Green indicates growth
    • Black represents protection and strength
    • Purple signifies prosperity and abundance
    • Red attracts welcoming energy and good luck

    To boost positive energy flow in your home, you can find quality residential garage doors from the DFW Overhead Door Group or any other trusted dealer in different Feng Shui colors.

      2. Declutter your garage

      One of Feng Shui's fundamental principles is keeping spaces clutter-free to facilitate the smooth flow of energy. Implementing this concept in your garage can help keep it decluttered and organized. This comes with multiple rewards, including:

      • More storage space: A clutter-free garage has more storage space and is organized, allowing you to make the most of your space
      • Improved garage safety: Cluttered garages are hazardous and can make it hard to leave or enter in case of emergencies. Decluttering and keeping your garage organized helps create a safe environment for you and your loved ones
      • Increased garage functionality: A decluttered garage offers a more functional space, letting you utilize it for various purposes, including a gym, workshop, home office, additional bedroom, and more

        3. Add plants

        Houseplants are a perfect way to bring more positive energy and life into your garage. Some of the plants you can grow in your garage include:

        • Spider plant: This plant can survive in low-light conditions, which makes it perfect for your garage
        • Snake plant: The plant has sword-like leaves and thrives in different light conditions. The snake plant is nearly indestructible and doesn’t need to be watered all the time
        • ZZ plant: The plant is low-maintenance and can bear neglect. It requires sparing watering to stay vibrant and lush

        Philodendrons, peace lilies, pothos, cast iron plants, and ferns are other houseplants you can add to your garage.

          4. Light your garage

          When it comes to Feng Shui, lighting is key in shaping a space’s energy. When strategically used, lighting not only enhances safety but also boosts energy flow and harmonizes the atmosphere. An adequately lit garage can enhance positive energy while making the space feel inviting. It also brightens the garage and makes it more cheerful.

          Avoid harsh, white light bulbs or fluorescent lighting. They can create excess energy and even make the garage feel overwhelming. Instead, opt for warm, natural lighting. You can install windows around your garage to let in more natural light or use skylights.


          Your garage’s Feng Shui is key to letting more positive energy into your home. Use these tips to apply Feng Shui in your garage.

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