5 Feng Shui Rules to Follow for a Serene Home

If you want to elevate the serenity of your home, think beyond the decor and furniture arrangements. Consider tapping into the potential of Feng Shui, a practice that dates back to China thousands of years ago. It aims to show the connection between the energy flow and how organized your surroundings are. Here are five practical ways of enhancing your space's tranquility through Feng Shui principles.

     1. Clear Clutter to Invite Positive Energy

Clutter lowers your home's functionality by occupying functional space and blocking energy flow. It acts as a sign of stuck energy, connected to feeling stagnation or being overwhelmed. Allow the free flow of positive energy by embarking on serious decluttering work

Focus on items you hardly use and consider whether to find better storage, donate them, or target the thrift store for extra money. A proactive approach is to add more storage solutions as your storage needs increase.

     2. Balance Yin and Yang Energies

The only way to create a harmonious space is to find the right balance in everything. You need to master how to combine nature dualities. For instance, consider using curved lines and soft textures to achieve perfect equilibrium in your interior design. 

You also need to concentrate on the color scheme and employ the concept of finding a perfect blend of dark and light hues. When you have bright color palettes for your furniture, think of picking a less bright color for the walls and ceiling. It will ensure you don't overwhelm the excellent aesthetics.

     3. Harmonize the Five Elements for Your Patio

When designing a patio or lanai, find a way to make the structures inject more elegance into your outdoor space. Think about the best layout to allow proper flow of "qi." Begin by picking the right point where your seating area fits well. For balance and serenity, several natural elements like water features, stones, and plants should be added. 

Make the space warm and inviting by adding a fire pit and outdoor lighting. To enjoy the full benefit of patios and lanais, consider working with the best experts. You want the installation work to be flawless to ensure longevity of service. Excellent teams will also know how to personalize the space to your needs and preferences. 

     4. Create a Sanctuary in the Bedroom

You have several ways to achieve this, starting with picking a soothing decor and arranging the furniture well. Be creative with the bed position. Keep in mind that the placement of your bed affects the energy flow in the room and influences aspects of your life such as health, relationships, and prosperity. Bed placement to avoid include:

  • Placing it directly under a window
  • Placing it against a wall shared with a bathroom
  • Having the bed directly facing the door is known as the "coffin position," as it exposes you to incoming energy
  • Exposed beams above the bed can create a sense of pressure and be visually oppressive

Invest also in your bedding and mattress to get the much-needed comfort. Find the right blend of textures and colors when buying pillows and bed covers.

     5. Enhance Natural Light and Airflow

Airflow and natural light are great carriers of vital energy in every home. Find a way to maximize exposure of your space to direct sunlight. Consider adding some mirrors and placing them in the right positions so that they reflect the light to brighten up your spaces. 

Clean the windows to allow proper light penetration. It's also important to think of ways to improve the airflow, starting with simple habits of opening windows often to allow better circulation. For more air purification and the introduction of vibrant energy, consider adding some indoor plants of choice.


Creating a peaceful and serene home is easy when you incorporate Feng Shui principles into your spaces. Whether you're transforming your bedroom or enhancing your patio's looks, it can help you inject more balance and harmony.

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