5 Simple Ways To Keep Your New Home Safe Without Disrupting Feng Shui

Congratulations on purchasing your new home! Now that you have your place, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe for peace of mind.

Taking steps to protect your house is very important. According to research,  nearly 1,700 burglaries happen in the US every day—or almost 620,000 annually. 
Striking a balance between the functionality of security requirements and Feng Shui principles might present design challenges, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

There are simple and very effective strategies that will keep your home secure against all kinds of threats whilst maintaining harmony.

Ways To Safeguard Your New Home

Here are 5 steps on how you can make your new home safe.

1. Reinforce every entry point

With safety, it’s always good to come back to the basics. Make sure that every door and every window is secure. If necessary, install deadbolts on the doors that lead outside, and consider adding door jammers or even security bars for more protection.

When it comes to windows, it’s pretty much the same. You can install window sensors, bars, and even security cameras. However, these things must be kept in good shape. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Regular maintenance: check every lock and every entry point from time to time to make sure they’re in good condition. 
  • Outdoor lighting: a good motion-activated outdoor light can deter most burglars, so consider adding a few. 
  • Keep your garden tidy: trim shrubs and keep the backyard open so that people can’t hide or sneak into your home when you’re not there. 
  • Understand security comprehensively: a home security system with cameras and alarms can be very effective, even if it’s costly. We’ll expand on this. 
  • Meet your neighbors: a strong community where people include each other and keep each other safe is also crucial when it comes to home security. If it’s not enough, consider starting a neighborhood watch.

2. Get a home security system

If you’ve bought a home, a security system can be one of the best ways to protect it. After all, research claims that property crimes are the most common type of crime in the U.S. 

When you’re trying to determine which system is best for you, consider features like cameras, motion detectors, and loud alarms. 

If these are backed by professional monitoring services, even better. This way, if someone breaks in, the police can intervene. If power outages are common in your area, some systems include backup connectivity to stay connected in difficult circumstances.

Finally, if you’ve invested in a smart home, make sure that your security system can integrate with it effectively. Security systems are a whole investment, but the mental peace and the safety they provide are unparalleled. 

3. Invest in outdoor lighting 

As we said before, exterior lights can deter intruders and keep your home safe from criminals. Here are some tips on how to enhance this: 

  • Place these strategically: doors, windows, and garage openings are spots that have to be illuminated if you would rather not deal with criminals. 
  • Light up pathways: install lights around pathways, walkways, and driveways to prevent accidents and improve your visibility on the property. 
  • Lights in your backyard: try to see your backyard as a criminal would. If there are hiding spots, make sure to install lights in them to deter criminals. Try to transform your backyard so that it reflects serenity and safety. 

4. Strengthen your community 

Building a strong relationship with your neighbors is one of the most effective ways to stay safe. Take the time to get to know your neighborhood, and offer to help if someone needs it. Just as you can watch their home for them, they can do it for you!

When you prioritize relationships with the people around you, you can improve your security and enjoy a support network whenever you require it. 

Share your contact information with the people around you and discuss emergency strategies in case something catastrophic happens. Remember, a united community is better when handling security challenges. 

5. Protect your smart home from hackers

Yes, our homes are increasingly connected, but keeping your smart devices safe is fundamental if you want to prevent another kind of attack in your home: cyberattacks. These can be as damaging as break-ins! 

You can start by strengthening your Wi-Fi network. Using encryption protocols such as WPA2 and creating strong passwords is fundamental for your online safety. Additionally, you can consider investing in a Virtual Private Network or VPN. 

When accessing the internet, this software can protect you from cybercriminals. If you have activated the VPN geolocation, your online information is effectively hidden from third parties that can steal your data. 

Of course, this is all important, but if you disclose personal details online, your security might be compromised even with all these protocols. Make sure you don’t overshare!

How to Align Security Measures with Feng Shui Principles

Feng Shui is all about encouraging the flow of energy in your home. Many physical security measures conflict with its aims. There are a few things you can do to overcome the challenges and find a happy medium.

Integrate natural design elements

Security components can be integrated into other features of your home and garden. Try placing cameras or sensors in potted plants, decorative rocks, or sculptures to prevent them from standing out. When reinforcing entry points, opt for sleek minimalist designs in neutral colors that blend into the environment to help preserve the flow of energy.

Mindful Placement

Position cameras, sensors, and other security devices strategically. They should cover entry points without directly facing doors or windows. This way, they avoid creating energetic disturbances in alignment with Feng Shui principles.

Avoid Harsh Lighting

Soft lighting can help minimize the visual impact of security devices. They provide a more tranquil overall ambiance than harsh, bright lighting. Opt for solar lighting where possible; channeling the sun's Chi directly to your home.

Go Invisible

A clutter-free environment is fundamental to good Feng shui. Wires and devices can be concealed or better yet you can integrate advanced wireless security technology to preserve the flow of Chi.

To sum up

Mindfully securing your new home doesn't have to clash with concepts or beliefs such as Feng Shui.

Simpl, effective measures like reinforcing entry points, installing a home security system, and building a strong community can create a haven for yourself and your loved ones.

Integrating these security features can be done without detriment to the energy flow in your environment.

Don't forget about online security, too; protecting your Wi-Fi network and being mindful of your digital footprint is crucial in today's interconnected world. With these steps, you can attract Chi, enjoy peace of mind, and focus on making beautiful memories in your new home.

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