6 Realistic Tips for Organizing Your Dorm Room According to Feng Shui

Let’s start with the basics. You’ve surely heard about Feng Shui, but do you know what it truly stands for? Well, Feng Shui is a teaching that originated over three thousand years ago in ancient China. It is a complex knowledge on how to balance the energy which a specific space has. The teachings help us ensure a healthy and happy life.

By the way, "Feng" means wind and "Shui" means water. When mixed together, water and wind symbolize great health. Most importantly, according to this approach, the earth isn’t just a living substance, but something with an enormous powerful energy. Historically, the energies of specific lands have destroyed kingdoms and created new ones.

Of course, you need plenty of time to study Feng Shui in detail, but the foundations of this ancient discipline can be easily applied to everyday life. According to this teaching, the place we live in is the most important part of our well-being. And the most significant space is surely the bedroom. This is where we spend almost half of our lives. When asleep, we get away from the problems that we solve during the day, restore our power and gain energy for the next day.

Many specialists say the quality of our life directly depends on how good our rest is. In order to fully unwind, the entire interior of the bedroom should be organized in the right way. How to do it? We have compiled a list of top simple and effective tips, so read on.

1.   How To Choose The Location Of The Room?

If you have the opportunity to choose a dorm room yourself, you should consider its location.

  • In order to meet a partner for a romantic relationship, choose the north or west side for the room;
  • To maintain stability, improve your well-being and bring relationships with your loved ones to a completely new level, go for the bedroom in the northwest;
  • Other areas won’t contribute to quality rest.

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2.   Which Colors Should Prevail?

In many countries, it is believed that pastel shades should prevail in the bedroom, but the Chinese disagree. The first thing you should do is to determine which type you are - Yin or Yang.

A Yin-style bedroom is suitable for those who don’t have difficulty sleeping. If you feel full of energy in the morning and never wake up at night, then choose beige, light pink, muted gold, or peach tones. You can also pick up rounded furniture edges. If the dorm rules allow it, of course. Wall lamps of light blue or pastel pink will create a soft and dim light in the bedroom, which contributes to the way how your energy is restored.

As for the Yang-style room, it’s perfect for you if your dreams are vivid and emotional. If you never get enough sleep, get out of bed with great effort, constantly ignoring the alarm, then your color strategy must be completely opposite.

In such a room, go for burgundy, emerald, and blue, but soft tones are best. If you can’t change the color of the walls and wallpaper, then choose bed linen in this color. Plus, rugs, posters or organizers can be in these colors as well. Also, bright drawings on bed linen will suit you perfectly.

As for lighting the room, a pair of bras in white or light matte shades will fill your bedroom with the necessary intimate atmosphere. The only thing to beware of is bed linen in red tones since it attracts negative energy. In addition, a bright-colored spot on the wall (it may be a poster) will scare away evil spirits.

If you no longer feel comfortable in your bedroom, go for a neutral linen of white or beige tones. That’s how you will restore the balance between the energies.

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3.   How To Place The Bed?

Feng Shui states that the most suitable bed for bringing positive energy is a small mahogany one with a flat and simple headboard. If your bed has drawers, don’t store anything there except bed linen.

Set up the bed so you can see the door, and don't sleep with your feet toward the exit. And it’s not recommended to move the bed close to the walls. There should be a space of about ten centimeters between the wall and the bed.

4.   What Are The Main Room’s Functions?

A large number of items in the room simply make it cluttered. The fewer things there are, the cozier the room.

Feng Shui stands for only having essential furniture in the room. For example, you can leave a nightstand, chest of drawers, bed, table and chair. Other things can worsen your sleep.

By the way, too much technology (TV, music center, etc.) will make your sleep much worse. Yes, a laptop and a speaker for relaxing music are allowed, but it is better to unplug them during sleep.

5.   What Feng Shui Symbols Should Be In The Room?

In the southwest of the bedroom, there is the so-called love zone. It’s best to install figurines of angels or ducks there. This will bring greater harmony to your relationship with loved ones.

Also, the best scents for candles are orange, banana or peach. The smell in the bedroom should be pleasant, for example, valerian and lavender have the most soothing effect on sleep.

6.   What Items Should Be Avoided?

It’s better not to store items such as newspapers, magazines, family photo archives, and criminal chronicles in the room. This can be toxic to your well-being. According to ancient legends, climbing plants draw energy from the owner during sleep, so be careful with them.

Also, the room you relax in isn’t a place for financial transactions, so don’t install safes and piggy banks there. Animal cages are also harmful according to Feng Shui. This also applies to aquariums.

To Wrap It Up

Using these simple recommendations, you can improve your sleeping habits, relationships with loved ones, overall energy levels, well-being, self-esteem, and your health as a whole. Feng Shui offers a lot of strategies to explore, so why not dive into this discipline deeper? Therefore, choose the tips that are most accessible to you in implementation and forward to new experiences!

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