7 Home Improvements for Peace, Calm, and Tranquility

Relaxing in the comfort and serenity of your own private home, where you can rejuvenate and regenerate, is one of the simplest yet most treasured pleasures of modern life.

In order to turn your home into the veritable oasis of calm you desire and indeed, deserve, there are several key improvements to make and here are the most important.

1.    Buy More Candles!

Perhaps the most affordable (yet supremely effective) way of making small improvements to your home aesthetic with peace and calm in mind is to treat yourself to a selection of different colored, scented, and sized candles.

Not only will scented candles fill each room with the all-encompassing aroma of your choice, but burning candles (preferably of the soy-based kind) can also bring the following benefits:

  • Help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Provide an ambience in which to reflect
  • Aid meditation and deep breathing exercises
  • Improve your concentration and focus
  • Help you enjoy a long and deep night’s sleep
  • Evoke positive and comforting memories of loved ones no longer with you

2. Noisy Pipes? Call a Plumber!

Whether or not you are a light sleeper, one of the most relaxing times of all spent in your home is when you settle down for a long (hopefully) and at least interrupted night’s sleep and if your home wakes you up with noisy pipes, then you should call a plumber without hesitation.

Professionals working for Beehive Plumbing will be able to not only identify the source of the noise within the entire plumbing and drainage system, but will also offer help, advice, and guidance on how to make the entire system substantially more efficient.

3. Keep Your Bedroom Clutter-Free!

Your bedroom should be a place whereby, when you are ready to go to sleep, you can switch off the lights and settle down in clean, fresh-smelling linen bedding, allowing your mind and body to relax and recharge while you sleep.

Even if you could sleep through a tornado (which is often the case if you end up falling into bed way later than you initially planned) you should still ensure that your bedroom is as clutter-free as it possibly can be.

If you have one or more fur babies, then encourage them to sleep in a plush and luxurious (obviously) bed on the floor by the side of you, at least until the morning hours.

4. Add Indoor Greenery

There are numerous impressive benefits to be found in the introduction of indoor plants and flowers to your interior living spaces, both for your emotional wellbeing and for your physical health.

Just a selection of the key benefits to indoor greenery include, amongst a wide range of others, the following:

  • A reduction in tiredness and fatigue
  • A way to improve your concentration and memory skills
  • A boost to your natural tolerance to pain
  • A reduction in the number of headaches you suffer from
  • A lowering of stressful feelings
  • A way of easing respiratory ailments and dry skin issues

5. Focus on Natural Materials

Just as in the case of indoor plants, making the move towards natural materials for your home décor (especially in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room) can help you to foster an inner sense of peace and tranquility.

Choose wooden tables, chairs, and accessories and move away from brash, cheap-looking metals; instead cultivating a harmonious forest vibe into your home.  Also, you could also look in secondhand and thrift shops for recycled and upcycled wooden items of furniture if you are looking for a calming and relaxing new home.

6. Vary Your Lighting

It is entirely understandable, especially in the winter months whereby you seem to leave for work in the dark and return in the dark, to automatically turn on the bright ceiling light of every room you enter.

However, especially in the case of overhead fluorescent bulbs (which are also more than a little unflattering), this bright light is simply not conducive to relaxation. Instead, invest in some cheap yet attractive table lamps and freestanding floor lamps and use these instead, certainly on an evening, which will both create a calming atmosphere and reduce your electricity bills.

7. Make Your Fireplace a Focal Point

It may well be the case that, currently, your fireplace is full of random clutter that either has not yet been allocated a permanent home, or else consists of mugs and an array of other household items, making it a glorified coffee table.

Instead, make the effort to not only thoroughly clean and titivate the fireplace, mantlepiece, and surrounding areas, but to also start to use the fire again (although not throughout summer for obvious reasons).

There are many benefits to making the fireplace a functional one once more, including a richer, warmer, and more inviting ambience, an environmentally friendly way of heating a room, and the fact that such a feature can add value to your property.

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