7 Must-Have Supplies for Your New Household: Feng Shui Placement Tips

Are you looking to create a more balanced flow of energy in your home? Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps bring harmony and balance into any environment. One way to do this is by placing certain objects throughout the house. Here are seven must-have supplies for your new household, plus some tips on how to feng shui them for maximum power. From crystals and plants to candles and incense, these items can help create positive vibes in every room of the house!

1. Crystals:

One of the most powerful and popular symbols used in feng shui is crystals. Whether you prefer tumbled stones or geodes, these items can be placed around your home to bring positive energy and emotional balance. Place some clear quartz by the front door to attract prosperity, rose quartz near the bedroom for love vibrations, or amethyst by the windows to protect your home. In addition to their symbolic power, many crystals also have healing properties. Also, hanging a crystal in the center of the house can help bring balance to all four corners.

2. Plants:

The presence of plants is beneficial for both physical and spiritual health. Place potted plants throughout your home to promote healthy energy flow and absorb negative energy from electronics and other sources. Not only do they look beautiful, but many plants like jade, spider plants, and peace lilies also help create a peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, you can use specific plants to draw in certain energies; for example, bamboo is used to attract money and wealth. Also, you can place a jade plant in the wealth corner of your home to attract fortune and abundance.

3. Medical supplies:

In traditional feng shui, medical supplies are used to reduce negative energy. Place items like needles, tweezers, scissors, and lancets in the northeast corner of your home to bring health and healing energies into it. You may also want to hang a Chinese health poster or image of an angel in this area for additional protection from illness and disease. Also, according to the folks behind Saveritemedical, having wound care supplies and a first-aid kit in the home is essential for everyday medical emergencies. That way, you’ll be prepared for any situation. Also, don’t forget to keep these items up-to-date and in good condition!

4. Candles:

Candles are an important part of feng shui as they help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Place them around the home to promote relaxation, peace, and balance. You can also use different colored candles for specific purposes; for example, green candles are used to attract prosperity and luck. Additionally, you can find special feng shui candles that are designed to attract good fortune and remove negativity from the home. That said, only use candles in areas where they won’t be a fire hazard.

5. Incense:

Burning incense is a great way to purify the air and add pleasant scents to any room. Some popular scents used for feng shui include sandalwood, jasmine, and patchouli. Place incense burners in the center of your home for maximum power and be sure to use only natural, non-toxic incense sticks. Incense can also be used to clear away negative energy when placed near windows and doorways. Additionally, different types of incense are associated with different intentions; for example, sage is good for cleansing and protection. Also, if you’re using an electric diffuser, essential oils are a great way to bring positive energy into the home.

6. Wind chimes:

Wind chimes are said to bring good luck and harmony into any space, so they make great additions to any feng shui décor. Hang them near windows or doorways for maximum power or place them in other areas of your home where you want positive energy to flow. Choose from classic brass wind chimes or more modern versions made out of bamboo for a unique touch. Additionally, different tones and sizes can be used to draw in specific energies; for example, higher-pitched bells promote love and joy while lower tones attract wealth and abundance. That said, you don’t need to get too hung up on the details; simply choose wind chimes that resonate with you and place them in your home.

7. Mirrors:

Mirrors are said to be able to amplify energy and bring more light into a space. As such, they can be used in feng shui décor for positive effects. Place them around your home to deflect negative energy away from it or hang them near windows so that natural sunlight will enter the house even if the window itself is small. Additionally, mirrors can also be used to attract wealth and prosperity; for example, placing a mirror at the entrance of your home can draw money into it. That said, make sure you place mirrors strategically so that they don’t reflect each other as this could create too much energy and cause chaos.

Feng shui is an ancient practice that can be used to bring positive energy into your home and attract fortune and abundance. By incorporating items like medical supplies, candles, incense, wind chimes, and mirrors into your décor you’ll be able to create a peaceful atmosphere that will help balance the energies of the space. Additionally, these objects may also have specific purposes associated with them such as attracting wealth or protecting against illness. Of course, it’s important to remember that feng shui isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; rather it is about finding what works for you in order to achieve harmony within your home.

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