A Feng Shui Guide to TV Placement

Figure 1 It is possible to apply feng shui to TV placement

When feng shui practice was first formulated, households were very different to what we live in today. Many of the items we have in our homes were not even invented back in the time of Ancient China – but we have been able to adapt the teachings for modern life.

It may come as something of a surprise that even the placement of a television can follow feng shui guidelines. If you know anything about the core principles of feng shui, you may have assumed that thinking about the placement of TV at all would probably go against those ideals. But feng shui is all about balance, so it is possible to use these beliefs when it comes to electrical appliances as well.

That should come as good news for most readers here. Relaxing while watching a movie at the end of the day or settling down to watch the latest Formula 1 race are both ways that people can bring some balance into their own lives. But it is still important to apply feng shui practice to where the television is placed in the first place.

Keep Away From Open Spaces

As much as many of us treat television as a communal activity and something that can bring friends and families together, there should be some thought for others who may not like the distraction so much. This can be especially true if you live in a shared house with open rooms and spaces.

Televisions can create a lot of negative energy, with the sound being regarded as noise to some. So it is probably best to avoid placing TVs in open-plan environments at all. These places can then be used more for talking and group activities that balance the yin and yang more effectively.

Think About Distance

The feng shui of this aspect should really be followed if you are not aware of the practice at all. With the trend for bigger and brighter televisions continuing, it is very important that your set fits with the room that it is in. Having a TV that overwhelms a space is not good for you at all.

So this feng shui lesson is really for wherever you have decided to place your TV, no matter what the room. You should make sure that it is at least eight to ten feet away from where you will be sitting. As much as a large TV is not really good for your well-being, an optimum distance will be better for your eyes and enjoyment.

Concealing TVs

Creating the perfect feng shui for TV placement is difficult because they are strongly related to negative energies in the first place. Reflective surfaces have to be considered very carefully in feng shui – and used sparingly. That is because of the belief that any negative energy can be reflected back into the room.

That is why mirrors are discouraged in feng shui practice. Televisions are treated much the same as mirrors, as the black screen of a set that is switched off is essentially a mirror. If you can conceal the TV behind screens or cupboard doors, the mirror element of the TV will disappear.

Avoid Placing TVs in Bedrooms

Many people enjoy watching television when they go to bed. It is seen as a relaxing way to end the day and falling asleep to Netflix is a common final daily activity for some. But having a TV in the bedroom at all is considered bad feng shui, so we would recommend thinking elsewhere as far as placement goes.

Some of the problem with having TVs in the bedroom has to do with the mirror idea we just mentioned. Chi energy can be disrupted and that positivity can be reflected out of the room. There is even the idea that a reflection of the bed invites infidelity into a relationship. So no TV in the bedroom if possible!

Figure 2 It is better not to have TV in the bedroom

If You MUST Put a TV in Your Bedroom

Although we think we have made a pretty good case for banning TVs in the bedroom, we are also very aware that modern lives have to be adaptable. Bedrooms are havens for yin energy, allowing for peace and quiet. But feng shui is all about balance. So the yang energy from the TV could be allowed if the balance is kept.

The idea behind this workaround of sorts is that too much yin energy is just as bad as too much yang energy. As long as you are maintaining a peaceful place, you could place a TV in a bedroom. Covering or concealing when not in use would be some of the most important things to think about if that were the case. 

Think About Line of Sight

Televisions are generally considered bad for feng shui, as they are more likely to steal your attention and take away the peace and relaxation that a well-balanced room can provide. That is why you should think about how you will first see a TV when you walk into a room.

It is better to place a TV where it is not in direct line of sight on entering. If you can see the TV, you are more likely to switch it on immediately and lose any chance of balance – no matter what you are watching. Think about what is more relaxing to see when you enter a room and position your TV accordingly.

Balance Yin and Yang

Feng shui allows individuals to harmonize with their environments. This is done by balancing the yin and yang energy, As you will have seen here, TVs can be a major obstacle to achieving that balance, so it is very difficult to successfully bring one into your home.

But, with very few people willing to do without a TV at all, it is vitally important that it does not take over a room, or your life. Try not to watch TV too much and learn to achieve peace and relaxation by other means. Then you will be further along the line to achieving that balance, thanks to the teachings of feng shui. 

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