Activate Your Energy Using Feng Shui Colors

One of the easiest ways to use Feng Shui to adjust the energy in your space is with color: on the walls, in your furniture and art, and as accents that balance and harmonize.

Make sure you’re using Feng Shui colors correctly with this handy guide:

Green: Anchors the energies of growth, healing, harmony and vitality.

Purple: Anchors the energies of abundance, gratitude and authority.

White: Anchors the energies of mental focus, clarity and purposeful activity.

Feng Shui paint colors
The spectrum is your oyster…

Orange: Anchors the energies of openness, joy and completion.

Turquoise: Anchors the energies of serenity, assimilation and accomplishment.

Red: Anchors the energies of passion, inspiration, action and achievement.

Dark Blue and Black: Anchor the energies of reflection, concentration and truth.

Pink: Anchors the energies of love, intimate relationships, and emotional nourishment.

Yellow and Gold: Anchor the energies of happiness, centeredness and peace.

Do you see some new ways to use color in your space?

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