Energy Too Low? Try Playing Around These Feng Shui Colors!

Colors make the world more enjoyable to live in. They do not just give us visual access; they can also have the ability to move our feelings. Before, televisions were black and white and grainy. If you make a comparison with our televisions nowadays, we can say that we are indeed very lucky to have access to TVs with high-definition and bright colors that make our viewing more pleasurable and relatable. It is as if the characters from the movies on the colored televisions are more alive than those on black and white televisions. This is because colors are very receptive to our brains and are able to catch our attention very quickly.

Furthermore, each color appears to have a distinct personality and energy. People often associate a color with their feelings and intentions. Like how we wear black when we are grieving and white when we feel at peace. Other people also use black to appear powerful and bossy, while others use white to look as if they are innocent and approachable. Even in black and white, you will be able to express yourself and adjust how you are regarded by people. Imagine what a whole bunch of colors could do for you!

Feng Shui and Colors

As we all probably know by now, we practice feng shui, which involves arranging things in hopes of achieving harmony in life. Feng shui allows us to balance the yin and yang elements in order to regulate the flow of energy in our lives. That is the reason why we put extra effort into making sure we place all the furniture and things in their correct places at home.

However, feng shui is not only limited to placing things in the right position for us to achieve balanced energies; this practice can also include making use of colors. Thus, if you think you’ve already put all things in order in your home but still do not feel the right vibe, then you are probably not making the right decision when choosing the color palette for your home. Adjust the color combinations in your home and achieve harmony by knowing how each color affects the energy around you!


Is it just me, or does anybody else think that pale, bright green smells like mint or pine trees? Every time I see this color, I immediately get a soothing feeling. This sensation I get is because of the automatic association of green with nature in my subconscious.

Green symbolizes a lot of things. In feng shui, green belongs to the wood element, which is also known to deliver compassion, flexibility, healing, and growth in our lives. Scientifically speaking, green has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety. All things considered, a splash of green in your home will definitely bring a calming energy to it. This color is highly recommended to be present in the east and southeast sectors of your home, which are related to the "family and well-being area" and the "wealth and prosperity area," respectively.

In addition, green is also a good color to add to your bedroom’s color palette. Aside from the peaceful effect this color gives off, it also encourages fertility. Therefore, this is consequently a good color addition for couples who are trying to get pregnant.

White and Silver

Colors white and silver belong to the metal element, which is best when present in the west and north-west corners of your house. These colors are often linked to clarity and purity. They inspire us to see clearly and to be cleansed spiritually.

Recently, having a white and wood interior became a trend as this concept emphasized the beauty of simplicity. However, the color of wood is a known earth element, which gets depleted when joined with metal elements. Although this color combination is really good to look at, feng shui might want you to reconsider having it. Earth elements produce energy that encourages stability and nurturing, so getting it washed out could risk your career, health, and financial status.

But if you are really persistent in joining the trend of this color combination, make sure that you add water elements to your space in order to replenish the earth element and somehow achieve balance. Take for example the photo above which uses the color black to add water element and still maintain balance.


Just like the ocean, the color blue helps increase the coolness of a room. Carrying a water element energy, this color is auspicious and thus helps us get our creativity activated. This color is also proven to assist us in concentrating and meditating, which is why it is widely used in learning areas. Since it is a water element, blue is also connected with power and wealth. It is a color of royalty and is the perfect color to add to your office.

Avoid having too much of this color in your bedroom because, even though it has a very relaxing appeal, it is still a member of the water element, which has a very active energy and does not help with sleep and rest. To successfully incorporate this color in your bedroom without compromising your rest, have it in small items like an alarm clock or a throw pillow.


Red is a very passionate and intense color that our brains can easily identify. It stimulates intimacy, which is why couples must have this color in their bedrooms. Even though it is a very lucky and powerful color, it should always be used in moderation. Too much red causes chaos in your energy, so instead of making you productive, it will bring you frustration from being overwhelmed.

Use this color as an accent in your home instead of making it the focal point. This color represents the fire element, so it is a good color to have in your home, especially when you feel like losing interest in your career or love status since it rekindles the flame of your passion and assists you in expressing it. Red is also an effective compliment-getter, so if you like to impress, dress in red!

Yellow and Gold

Also known as the happy color, yellow gets rid of dreariness and dullness. This color carries a very lively energy and is highly recommended to be a part of your living room. It gives guests the impression that you are hospitable and inviting.

Yellow and gold also represent abundance, which makes them an operative color to use in trying to attract financial prosperity and luck. This color is very suitable for children because it is said to improve mood, arouse curiosity, and develop intelligence. This color belongs to the earth element and can help you improve your health condition, specifically your stomach health.

Colors and You

As feng shui always says, everything around us can either directly or indirectly influence us. Hence, we must always learn how to control the things that surround us to make sure that we have the right balance of energies. One effective way to regulate the energies we receive is by learning to play around with colors. Colors trigger our emotions, and each of them gives us a different kind of energy. And by learning when and how to use these colors, you will be able to achieve a more harmonious lifestyle!

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