Amazing Changes: How Feng Shui Transforms Homes

It doesn't take one to be a rocket scientist to figure out that one's surroundings can profoundly affect one's overall well-being. Room décor goes beyond mere aesthetics for the practitioners of Feng Shui, an ancient practice from China centred on striking the perfect flow of Qi (also given as Ch’i or Chi) in an Aussie’s living space.

The HSBC research reveals:

  • 22% of Australians think feng shui can increase life expectancy and help improve their financial situation,
  • 57% of all Australians believe feng shui could increase the value of their property,
  • 43% of respondents are interested in identifying ways to improve feng shui in their homes.

The idea is to optimize designs and object placement to boost one's vitality and bring good fortune. While some dismiss it as a confluence of pseudoscience and superstition, others invest hefty sums for striking the perfect Feng Shui balance and claim that they have benefited vastly from it.

How Does Feng Shui Work?

Feng Shui is not a recent phenomenon, even in the western hemisphere and Australasia. The practice first diffused across the Atlantic in the 80s and has caught on ever since, but its actual story dates back thousands of years.

So, what’s the big deal about it?

The practice is based on the philosophy of a metaphysical vital force around us called "chi." This energy flows not only through our surroundings but also within us and is very hard to explain in words.

It’s more like a feeling.

But that does not make it any less real.

The idea of “chi” is rooted in Taoism, which is a philosophical set of beliefs that sprouted millennia ago. As for feng shui itself, the practice originated either in ancient India or China, depending on who you ask.

Either way, the goal is to harmonize the metaphysical flow of chi through your living space; the smoother the flow is on the outside, the better it will be on the inside. This unseen force can improve one's well-being and fortune if it flows freely.

How can you ensure that?

Some generic steps include:

  • De-cluttering your surroundings
  • Brightening up the place
  • Keep the windows spotless
  • Taking out (or moving) anything that may hinder free movement in the walkways
  • Creating ample space by placing your décor strategically
  • Adding some natural greens indoor
  • Optimizing furniture placement
  • Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your interior space
  • And so on…

Of course, there is no one-fix-all in this case. The natural flow of chi differs among individuals. To get the best out of your feng shui efforts, you must arrange your surroundings accordingly. This is why people hire experienced feng shui masters to find the perfect balance for their homes.

Let's explore a bunch of real-life cases to understand the extent to which Feng Shui has helped those who believe in it.

Feng Shui Strikes the Perfect Balance in Life

Safrina Kadri from Toronto, Canada, shared her experience with Feng Shui on Quora, highlighting how it helped turn her life around. She met her husband, with whom she's been married for over ten years, only two months after she started practising Feng Shui.

She even helped him get the best out of his work by optimizing the layout of his office. This boosted the overall productivity of the entire staff. At one point, she recalls, the specific layout of her house, courtesy of Feng Shui, mitigated the loss incurred upon her family when they were robbed (the burglars did take some of their stuff, but things could've been much worse).

The couple believes in the myriad of benefits of doing Feng Shui the proper way!

There Is an Ideal Bed Placement

Angela Cushler from Los Angeles shares how she likes to have her bed placed so that her feet aren't facing the door or her head towards the window. She also recommends placing mirrors only on walls adjacent to windows, not the opposite ones. This has helped her combat doubtful thoughts and stay confident.

Making Bad Feng Shui Decisions Can Have Its Costs

Karen Marie Shelton of Dallas, Texas, reflected on how she accidentally made a series of bad Feng Shui decisions (unknowingly) that caused her much anxiety on top of life problems. This was back in 1999. But after over a decade and a half, she was able to turn her life and business around for the better.

She did so, thanks to optimizing her workspace arrangement. This let her get more work done than before and bring in more work through referrals. She also moved into a new house designed specifically on Feng Shui principles that are suited for her.

And she has never looked back!

Ultra Successful Chinese Believe Whole-Heartedly in Feng Shui

Yifeng Huang from Manila shared her journey from being a critic in 2008 to a firm believer in present times. While she dismissed the idea earlier, she notes how things changed when she moved into a rented apartment in China in 2011. It was as if all her colleagues were out there to get her because the company's COO wanted to hire his "own man" for the job she was doing.

But through a series of lucky events, she was able to keep on going, with dignity and honour, in that company. This is when it hit her. Her apartment's Feng Shui arrangement was optimal for her, and she believes that this was at least in part responsible for shielding her this whole time.

She goes on to further share her experience from her stay in China. The top-most tier in the country – the ultra-wealthy and super-successful class – believes in it even if they're not very vocal about it. This is true for virtually all Chinese people with a 9-digit USD net worth. Interestingly, in the realm of finance and luck, many are turning towards modern means to attract fortune, such as engaging online casino sites with fast payouts.

But she recommends that people do their due diligence and only consult with people who qualify to be called "experts" in the field.

While you can find a plethora of positive reviews for Feng Shui, scepticism persists. If the sceptics are right, then maybe it's all psychological. Whatever it is, it is not ineffective, that's for sure!

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