Bad Feng Shui: Fireplace Art

A client recently asked for help as she searches for a piece of art to hang above her fireplace.

She asked, “What is the Feng Shui view of this photo of a chandelier above the fireplace? The chandelier is at the top of the photo with shadows of the crystal pieces below.”

With her kind permission, here is her fireplace:

Feng Shui of a photo above fireplace.

Overall the photo seems to belong in a more intimate space: the chandelier is small within the photo and feels lost above the fireplace.

And since the hearth itself is a black square, the photo appears to be echoing it above the mantle.

In Feng Shui, the chandelier symbolizes the Fire element, which is already present in the fireplace and red bricks.

A better balance of the elements is called for.

I suggested that she find something with a stronger presence to balance the hearth rather than echoing it, as well as balancing the square shapes and red color of the bricks (Earth & Fire elements).

Here are two possible solutions:
— A piece of art that includes a rounded or oval shape will bring in the Metal element, weakening both Earth and Fire, while nourishing Water.

— A piece of art with a glassy or sinuous quality will bring in the Water element.

Do you have a fireplace? Does it have good Feng Shui balance? Please share!

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