5 Amazing Headboard Feng Shui Hacks

Among all the rooms and spaces in your home, your bedroom is the place that you should be most conscious of. Since this is where you replenish your energy, you must make sure that your bedroom gives you the comfort that your body needs. You are in your most unguarded state inside these four corners which is why it is relevant to incorporate something that can support you while you are most vulnerable. One way to integrate support in your bedroom is to use headboards in your bed. Why, you ask?

Well, according to feng shui, a headboard closely resembles a mountain inside your bedroom. It gives you a well-structured energy inside your bedroom. Additionally, headboards provide us with a sense of security while we sleep. If you make a comparison out of the human body, headboards are like our backbones. That is why it is encouraged in feng shui to install headboards in your bed so that even though your bedroom contains a lot of slow-paced energy, you still have solid energy to keep you stable.

Despite the positive things your headboard does for you, it might as well harm you if not used properly. There are a lot of things you need to consider in selecting the perfect headboard. Learn these five amazing feng shui hacks so that you are able to properly utilize the feng shui capacities of headboards!

Choose The Right Material

The best material to use for headboards in feng shui is wood. Using wood headboards provides stability more than any other material you can use. As wood elements are known to be a great representation of strength, incorporating this into your bedroom will bring vitality and harmony to the energy present inside your home. In addition, it is claimed that using this element in your home brings more financial wealth and prosperity to you and your family. If you think wood is a dull and boring material to use for a headboard, I’ll prove you wrong! Because there is in fact a huge variety of wood styles you may select from; solid, slats, varnished, stained, carved, or you can even make a DIY of an assembled wood headboard.

Sadly though, using solid wood headboards alone might not give you the comfort and relief you want in your bed. Thus, it is also recommended to opt for headboards with upholstered fabric. It gives you the same security since it still contains wood inside but gives you more comfort because of the foams and fabrics added to it. You can also keep your solid wood headboard and add two gigantic pillows and I swear it will work just the same!  

Attach It to Your Bed

Attaching your headboards to your bed is preferable than mounting them to your wall. It is because, in feng shui, your bed should be placed against a wall but with a small space between it to let the energy flow throughout the room. Thus, if you affix your headboard to the wall rather than your bed, you will be forced to push your bed directly leaning on the wall and leaving no space for the energy to flow. 

Moreover, it will give you more back support compared to when it is attached to your walls. Headboards should be part of your bed and not with your walls. 

Select The Color That Matches Your Intentions

Colors can bring a lot of changes to your bedroom not only to its appearance but also to the energy it attracts. You can be creative with your headboards and choose the color you like. Nevertheless, you shall be wary of how the numerous varieties of colors could mean differently in feng shui. Here are some of the different colors you may choose depending on their meaning:

Blue- The color of the sky is a great choice if you want to have calm and relaxed energy in your bedroom. It is very suitable for your bedroom since it will give you the illusion that you are sleeping on clouds. 

Brown or Green- These are the colors you immediately associate with nature. They are also recommended in feng shui as these colors bring a grounding and nurturing kind of energy. 

White- If you are a minimalist like me, this might be one of your picks. Just like the appearance of the color white: clean and clear, it gives clarity to our minds thus allowing us to have strong communication with others. With that said, white headboards are perfect for a couple’s bedroom to encourage them to have healthy conversations.

They Should Be Clutter Free

You probably already know that feng shui is firmly against clutter. Accordingly, clutter creates stagnant and chaotic energy thus, it is not recommended to have headboards with cabinets or spaces for storage. I know it is a great hack, especially for bedrooms with small spaces but as much as possible it should be avoided. Plus, feng shui also believes that nothing should be above your head when you sleep except the ceiling. The reason behind this is that it interferes with your sleep since you are conscious that something might fall right into you. Any heavy objects above you can negatively affect your sleep because they have ‘Sha energy’ which depletes your energy.

No Pointy Edges

Pointy-edged materials that are directly pointing towards you act like a ‘cutting chi’ also coined as the poison arrows. It interrupts the flow of energy which is not good for your bedroom. This will cause restlessness, fatigue, and stress even after sleeping. Have you ever felt tired even after a good amount of sleep? If yes, then it is probably because of this. Feng Shui suggests choosing round or curved shaped headboards as these are shapes that boost the stream of positive energy. You can also acquire a square-shaped one as long as it has soft edges. Headboards with studs are also a big no-no. No matter how creative you can get, never do this feng shui mistake.

In A Nutshell

Headboards help a lot in beautifying the interiors of bedrooms. It is a statement piece that can elevate your room’s personality. But in feng shui, it is not only a piece of furniture or decoration but also a way to give security when we are unaware and defenseless. Are you looking for more headboard ideas? Start reading about it here!


Since the importance seems to be having space for energy to circulate around, why not attach a few smaller blocks of wood to the wall, then headboard to the blocks? This provides for that desired space between wall and headboard, for the most part, right?

Rebecca November 14, 2023

So the headboard must be attached to the bed, but there is no cure described for a headboard attached to the wall. I keep reading how I must, must, must have a headboard to attached to the bed, but not how to cure the situation if it has to be attached to the wall. I KNOW what must be done, but the headboard will always be attached to my wall.
Does anyone actually have a cure for this?

Renee August 31, 2023

So, just “shoulds,” but no cures. Thanks.

Renee August 31, 2023

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