Best Colors For Your Feng Shui Bedroom

You may be surprised to learn that there are no color absolutes in a Feng Shui bedroom. 

The colors you choose for your bedroom should correspond to your life situation and the Intentions you have to create positive, healthy life changes.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors That Support Your Intention


Skintones — Colors in the vast range of humanity’s skintones come the closest to being a must in a Feng Shui bedroom.

From the palest pinks to the deepest shades of eggplant, these beautiful rich colors evoke the sensuality and comfort that’s desirable in any bedroom.

Reds — The “hot” color of romance is always a plus when you’re going for a loving, sexy atmosphere.

  • The question here is one of degree: if your intentions include love and romance, you’ll use more of these “Fire-y” intense colors in your bedroom. Accents and accessories may be just right, though!

Greens and Blues — These soothing shades add Feng Shui that cools things down.  Use them if your life feels overheated, to bring a bit of balance back into your life.

  • These colors also represent the idea of Family and New Beginnings in your life, so they’re appropriate when you’re trying to start a family or stabilize family relationships.

Yellows — Use sparingly! Bright colors like yellow are a good Feng Shui color accent, but usually won’t be appropriate as the dominant color in your bedroom.


Neutrals — Taupes, whites and creamy colors create the calm atmosphere you may crave, but be careful that the entire room doesn’t become “a snooze.”

Use the other colors in your palette to make sure the room retains a sense of fun and pleasure.

  • Rich textures add sensuality to a neutral-colored bedroom.  Silks, nubbly wools and soft cotton create a pleasurable space that’s also easy on the eyes.

Beyond color, from furniture selection and placement to art Feng Shui offers everything you need to make your bedroom the nourishing, supportive place you desire.

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