Learn to Place the Water Feature in Your Feng Shui Garden

Do you have any thoughts on an amazingly unique design to add a picturesque touch to your home? A water feature is a way to go! There are various types of water features that you will love. Feng shui greatly recommends adding either of the following:


Water fountain consistently flows, which is why the very source of this must be abundant. Colors for this water feature must be selected accordingly. Avoid yellow, red, orange or any bright colors to avoid it being vexatious. Materials that will be used for your fountain must be able to hold a large amount of water that is either related to Metal (steel or copper) or Earth (ceramic or stone).  

The fountain must be positioned in the open, and not some hidden part of your home as this must continue to be flowing (avoiding leaving it to be still or stagnant)

Fountain is the best representative of a balanced between personal strength and energy which is why it requires valuable maintenance and cleaning. You can also make this fountain the centerpiece of your feng shui garden because of its picturesque appeal.

Koi pond

Koi pond is the most traditional among all water features. It attracts the chi or positive energy as it stabilizes forces that help maintain well-balanced surroundings. This pond must be wide enough for fish to swim freely.

Water plant 

Water plant serves as a refuge for creatures living in your feng shui garden. Along with this use, you must place these plants with the intention of consistently balancing the energy that it gives.


Birdbaths as well as bird feeders allow various kinds of birds to nest in your garden that can positively affect the chi that flows within the area. This will also give your garden a wild yet authentic look that bounces off good energy.

Shapes, size material, and colors must still be considered in choosing your water feature so as for it to not overpower the energy of the entire space but rather support the chi energy that flows around your home.

You can also set either a pool or even a waterfall along with the given water features.

The water that these kinds of features display is the best representative of the water element, an element for both success and prosperity, which brings good fortune that incorporates money. This will help revitalize the life of your home.

Feng shui aside, this kind of structure in your home can add a tranquil and peaceful ambiance to your entire space.

elements must be in harmony with all the other elements of wood, fire, and metal. Making these in contrast with each other can ruin the overall balance of chi in your entire home. 

Wood stabilizes the overwhelming energy of fire, metal, and most especially, water. That is why it is best to combine it with the prospective design of your water feature. 

Though most water feature we see in many homes has an oriental style, feng shui doesn’t necessarily require this. The very best criterion is for it to blend in with the interior and exterior of your home.

You must not forget that the placement of this water feature must be properly done to not cater to a bad feng shui.

Based on the Ba-Gua, energy map, you can either place your water feature in the East, Southeast, or North but in the never South direction of your house.

The East direction placement of your water feature will positively affect your health and family. Southeast is for abundance and prosperity, while the North direction is the best one as this is associated best with water element that will help greatly your career and important aspects of your life.

It is emphasized in feng shui that water is the best symbol of wealth, so it is best to design your water feature to make the water flowing towards your home and not away.

The South direction is the danger zone as it is associated with the fire element which is the contrasting element for water. Placing your water feature in this direction will create contradicting energy that will result to a negative flow of chi (bad feng shui) as Water puts down Fire, as we know it.

Establishing a water feature can be hassle-free and affordable as there are ready-made that doesn’t require expertise in assembling. Feng shui have some few tips in improving the energy as you make use of any water feature you have in mind.

Cleanliness must be observed at all times

Keeping a clean and uncluttered space is the basic principle in feng shui that must be applied even for your chosen water feature. These home fixtures can easily collect dirt, garbage, and even algae, which is why it requires more time and attention to maintain their overall look. The water that it contains must always be clean as it represents the chi that it caters to. If it is clogged or stagnated the energy will follow. The Ph of the water must also be properly monitored to avoid poison to the living creatures it shelters.

Water volume plays a vital role

The right amount of water that your water feature holds can also affect the feng shui on it. Feng shui experts advise to hold at least twenty-five gallons of water (75.72 liters) the more, the better. 

Be observant of the way that water flows

The direction on which your water features flow is the indication of where your wealth or money will go, it can be either into your home or in the opposite direction. Experts remind you that the way your water flows especially if your water feature is a fountain or waterfall must always be in the direction of your house’s main door.

Wind chimes can be useful accessories

Wind chimes in feng shui magnets good luck as it creates and attracts positive energy. The same principle can be added to your water feature garden. These wind chimes can not only attract the desired energy but other creatures as well, like birds and butterflies that will be aesthetically pleasing.

Adding a water feature for your home is quite a big step, that is why purposeful intent is needed. This eye-pleasing makeover can be your gateway to perfect the auspicious energy that feng shui wants you to achieve.

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