Use the Feng Shui Bagua Map on Your Office for a Thriving Business!

A feng shui compliant office space can help improve productivity levels, boost happiness and increase comfort. Flow of energy into the office space is of utmost importance. The office should be set up in such a way that there is a free and good flow of energy throughout the office space. To keep the flow of energy effortless, the office space should be organized, it should have an open layout and the edges of the furniture should be soft.

Feng Shui’s Bagua Map shows you the energy field of your office space. Bagua represents the eight areas around a center. Each area signifies different aspects of life and are connected to several other layers such as shapes, organs, colors and many more such layers. Having a Bagua map for your office may help you achieve great heights and success.  

The primary focus of feng shui office bagua is on the key sectors of your professional life, i.e., communications, reputation and career success.

While you go through the bagua map, think about the changes you need to make to your office space to make it compatible with the bagua map. 

Below are some enhancements that can help you make your office space according to bagua map and increase the flow of energy. 

New Beginnings: Business Growth

This area represents the structure of the business, teamwork and leadership. 

  • To enhance the look of this area, decorate it with your team photographs, organizational charts, botanical prints, plants or floor lamps. The ideal colors that can be used are earthy colors such as green or brown (wooden).
  • The ideal colors that can be used are earthy colors such as green or brown (wooden). 

Business Prosperity

This area stands for abundance, which indicates prosperity in your business as well as your sense of gratitude. Since prosperity in business is measured by the accolades you receive, following are a few tips to follow:

  •  It is a good idea to display your clients, successful business ideas or a picture of your storefront that is appealing in the southeast area of your office. 
  • Make sure to use blue or green colors to enhance the beauty of this area. 

Fame & Reputation

This area brings you and your business fame and recognition. How are you recognized by the world and how do you wish to be recognized by the world. 

  • The best thing that you can place in this area is your business brand logo, that’s how the business is recognized. 
  • You can also use the certificates or press mentions about your brand in this area i.e.; the southern side of the office space.

  • Bright colors like red are the best to use in this area.

Key Business Relationship

This segment represents the most important business relationships or partnerships. Not only your business relations but this area also concentrates and improves the relations among your colleagues, which is equally important to run a successful business. 

  • Having files that contain information regarding partnerships and contracts or photos that show successful business relationships in this area helps a lot. 
  • Use colors that are bright, such as red, orange, burgundy and yellow to name a few in the southwest area of your office space.  

Productivity, Creative Expression

The western part of your office space represents productivity and creativity. It shows they happiness of completed projects and willingness to think of new ideas. 

  • Storing marketing or creative information in this part of your office can be beneficial. 
  • Also, it is a good place to display your awards and medals that you have received. 
  • To maximize the benefits, objects made of metal should be given priority in this area.

Travel & Helpful People

Represents business networking, your ability to get and give help, and to create mutually beneficial business relationships. 

  • Objects honoring important mentors key clients and/or vendors or symbols of the people/businesses who would be of the most help to your business can be placed in the northwest corner to amplify the results of this area. 
  • Round stones or metallic containers are the best used objects in this area. 
  • If possible, place white or grey colored square shaped furniture to maximize the results.

Business Journey/Resourcefulness

The water, coin and fish all symbolize wealth, journey of your business, including your career. The Water element also symbolizes cash flow. In the northern area of your office space, metal and water elements are essential to activate the right energy. 

  • A fish tank on a metal surface is the best thing have in this area. 
  • If this is not possible, then having an art work that is made of metal or dark colored components solve the purpose. 
  • Having water paintings or a water fountain in the northern area of your office also gives you success in terms of business and career. 

Knowledge & Self-Cultivation

Represents skill-building and the cultivation of knowledge. To improve the energy in this area, it is recommended to focus on earthy objects. 

  • Art symbolizing study, stillness, contemplation or a business library are a good way to enhance the flow of energy. 
  • It can also be converted into a training and development area with a brown colored hard wood floor or a low rectangular coffee table. 
  • Placing these enhancements in the northeast area of your office give out the best results. 
  • Dark colors like blue, black and few lighter colors like cream and beige are ideal colors to use.

Center/Tai Chi

The center represents the health of the business. An uncluttered center helps keep the other areas connected and in balance. Center gets its energy from the surrounding areas.

  • Keep this area as open as possible to help Chi energy flow freely in your space. Filling up this space can develop negative energy and reduce the flow of positive energy in rest of the areas. The center plays a vital role in supporting all the other areas of the space.
  • Using colors associated with nature like greens and browns are the best for this area. It can be left open, and if that is not an option, you can have a soothing décor.

Final Note

No matter what stage you’re at in your career or business, good Feng Shui will contribute to your success. If you do not believe in feng shui, use the above-mentioned tips to give your office aesthetically appealing and attractive look while bringing prosperity and success to your business.


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