Choose The Best Feng Shui House Plants

Feng Shui *loves* houseplants!  They’re the quickest way to lift the vitality of your home.

Healthy plants enhance the Wood element, symbolizing New Beginnings and family relationships in Feng Shui.

Plants also create fresh Chi energy and add a sense of growth and progress to your life.

To choose the best Feng Shui plants you’ll need to select those that thrive in the particular light conditions in your home.

  • In low light conditions, Aspidistra, Peace Lily, Rubber Plant, and Dracaena work the best for you.
  • Medium Light calls for Jade plants (the “money plant”), Philodendron and Lucky Bamboo.
  • Very bright or direct light supports Begonias, Orchids and Ficus trees, which do a beautiful job filling in a large sectors of your home where you need healthy energy to thrive.

The Wood element is also associated with Abundance & Prosperity on the Bagua Map, so for this reason alone it’s a good idea to have healthy plants in your space.

Here are some guidelines about plant shapes:

  • Houseplants with rounded leaves and an upright habit attract good Chi, symbolizing round coins and money, thereby creating a sense of abundance.
  • Spiky plants like cacti and snake plants are excellent for shielding you against negative Chi, but their aggressive energy means you need to place them where they’re not in highly-trafficked areas of your home.
  • Avoid droopy plants like ivies.  They create a drag on the energy of your home and can make you feel tired every time you look at them.

If you have a black thumb or plants are not your thing, check out my post about great Feng Shui substitutes for live plants.

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