Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui, Room by Room

Chi energy needs a clear open path through your home so it can bring its positive benefits into every part of your life.

Clutter slows down or even stops Chi energy, causing it to stagnate and make you feel stuck.

From a Feng Shui point of view clutter interferes with your ability to live your richest, most abundant life.

Each room in your home has important symbolism in Feng Shui, so the impact of clearing clutter differs, room by room.

Clutter around the entryway – In Feng Shui the entrance to your home is the “mouth of Chi,” so clutter here literally blocks the flow of positive energy into your space.

  • The entry is connected with your path in life.  Accumulated stuff here may make you feel that your path is unnecessarily difficult. Try keeping this area clear to see how great it feels to enter and leave your home smoothly and easily.

Living room clutter – The heart of your home, the living room is associated with family life, children and community.

  • Clutter here creates distance , interfering with your connections with family and friends. Keep it cozy but clutter-free!

Clutter in the bedroom – Are you having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, or connecting with a romantic partner? Clutter in your bedroom is sure to kill feelings of relaxation and romance, and may keep you feeling stuck in the past.

Bedroom clutter includes books and other stuff you don’t know what else to do with. Clear it away and give your personal sanctuary a fresh start.

Clutter in the kitchen – The kitchen — the “stomach” of your home — needs to be healthy & nutritious all the way.

  • Kitchen clutter prevents you from “digesting” the events in your life, especially as you enjoy the company of family and friends. Be sure your kitchen is clean and clutter-free so good energy can circulate.

Clutter in hallways – The passageways of your home are like the spinal cord or main arteries of your body. Clutter here can have damaging health consequences, starting with the frustrating fact that there’s something in your way every time you move from room to room.

  • Besides clearing the hallways themselves make sure every door in your home opens all the way.  Clear the space behind them so Chi energy can flow openly and freely into every room.

Bathroom clutter – The bathroom serves two important, intimate functions: it’s the place where we eliminate toxins and also where we clean up and care for ourselves.

  • A cluttered bathroom may be symbolic of an unwillingness to let go of toxic emotional baggage. Create a bathroom you love, a place that makes you happy to go into and take great care of yourself.

Clutter in closets, garages, attics and basements If you’re lucky enough to have an attic and/or basement, you’re burdened by the stuff you’ve squirreled away there whether you see it every day or not: you always know it’s there, begging to be dealt with.

  • Overcrowded closets prevent you from finding things you need, and looking and feeling your best. Closets can be symbolic of things you don’t want to deal with, too: clearing one out can be amazingly cathartic!
  • And a garage where you can barely fit your car interferes with your ability to get out in the world and make things happen.

Clear your clutter and immediately reap the benefits of a fresh, clear space where Chi can flow.

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