Feng Shui Strategies for Missing Bagua Areas in Your Home

As an energy map of feng shui, the Bagua (which means eight trigrams in Chinese) holds the essential and most powerful tool as it corresponds to harmony and balances different elements in a home, namely water, metal, earth, fire, and wood. 

As can be seen in the illustrated diagram above, the 9 life areas must be used for dividing your home and in your floor plan construction. The center, which is the Health area, is the one that is responsible to radiate chi to all remaining areas.

What if missing one or more of these essential home areas is inevitable?

Missing areas of Feng Shui’s Bagua can distort the positive energy flow. This missing area or areas will have a ripple effect on other areas, especially on life aspects since the Bagua carries with it all of life’s representation. When you missed an area or areas of the Bagua map, you are left with an uneasy feeling of imperfection which will later build up and will attract the negative energy that you least need in your home space.

Here is the list of things you need to do to remedy the missing area:

1. Completing the Outline

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    Put flags and banners along with poles and bright lights to create a complete Bagua outline at your property by boosting chi at the corner of this space. The missing area can be cured by constructing an additional yard at the farthest point of the missing area.

    2. Incorporating Living Representations

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    Adding a representation of the missing area in your space is one of the remedies. This will stimulate the missing area’s energy in the Bagua area near it. Let’s take as an example that if your Career area is missing, a cure is to place a water fountain or a green healthy plant, or a small rug in that space. 

    In the traditional perspective, the cure is to place the roar figurine in the missing area. The roar figurine manifests the metal element of the dog which can support the water element. According to the five-element theory, metal produces water (See this link to view some of these recommended alternatives that you will surely like.)

    3. Adjusting your View

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    Since it is so expensive to add a physical area to your missing space, mirrors are always there to back us up! From adjacent rooms, you can extend or adjust the view to compensate for the missing area. This can be done with the help of mirrors. Hang a mirror next to the missing area to draw energy and repel negative chi due to the missing area. The mirror’s shape should also be inclined with the missing space’s element. If your missing area is in the east, use a rectangular mirror as this represents the element of wood. Remember that the bathroom doorway is not an ideal place to set up a mirror as it reflects negative energy. Aside from a mirror, you can also use any shiny object to portray an illusion of space. 

    Placing art (landscapes or abstract) that depicts the vastness of areas like an ocean or a field of various kinds of wheat or flowers associated with that missing area at the wall borders can be an alternative if your outdoors is restricted for you to put any mirrors (due to lessor restrictions). This artwork must attract the eye to magnetize positive energy concerning the missing life area that is supposed to be in there.

    4. Strengthen the missing areas in each room

    Your individual rooms will play a vital role in compensating for the missing area in your space. Accentuate the missing area within each room. Bring the energy foregone on the missing area to each of your individual rooms. If what is missing is your relationship area, make sure to incorporate it into your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and all the other rooms in your house.

    Your key rooms which are your bedroom and living room, as anchors of your home, can readily set in motion the energy needed for your missing area. The doorways of these key rooms will be your setting place. Pay attention to your floor plan as you determine your main door (this is the one that is closer to your front door).

    If for example, the Prosperity area is not in your floor plan, you can incorporate this in each of your rooms to keep its energy going by putting a silver dollar on each room as you manifest and envision the Wealth and Prosperity area itself.

    5. Make a Crystal Grave

    If all of the above alternatives are not possible for you, burying a white quartz crystal point will be your next-in-line resort. The kind of quartz crystal point is based on the energy you want to draw in and the pointed ones (which we will need) are the best in directing energy flow. Some of these are:

    Double Terminated Quartz Crystals 

    -disbands negative chi and is used for meditation.

    Enhydro Quartz 

    -cleanses and purifies energy

    Phantom Quartz

    -facilitates in gaining sight of things as well as in meditation room

    You must bury one white quartz crystal point or two of this crystal if your missing area is Romance. Place it point-side up and slightly angled toward the floor plan’s center, cornering your missing area. Your crystal must be substantially four-inches long. As you bury your crystal, you must channel your intention and positive feelings toward it to formally complete your whole space along with the energy in your missed area.

    6. Paint a dot

    If burying a crystal is also impossible for you to do because it’s the money that you’ll be spending for the crystal you need, a Dot will now be your last hope. You will just simply paint a dot with a size between a quarter and a silver dollar on your home’s pavement. This dot will be a round shape with bright red color. But this is not always the case, if some shape or color suits the energy you want to deflect, go with it. It is your home, so whatever you feel is right, go and follow that feeling.

    Now, you already have tons of options to choose from to remedy your Bagua missing areas! Check out our shop to explore and see all of these alternatives that will surely suit your taste and the overall ambiance of your space1

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