Overhead Lighting: A Bad Feng Shui & What You Can Do About It

Lighting is probably the most underrated feature in every home. Light fixture is something that most homeowners does not really put enough attention with as long as they have one. What they are missing out on is the ability of light to change the ambiance of any room. And while most homeowners just buy a typical bulb for their homes and place it above their heads, what they did not know is that their overhead lights are most probably the reason why they feel irritable and unproductive most of the time.

Light acts almost like color. Thus, we should also be picky when we choose our light fixtures at home as it can greatly affect the mood and energy of the room the same way a color does. The kind of light we put in every room should vary depending on the room’s purpose. For example, your bedroom must have a kind of lighting that invites you to feel sleepy and cozy while your office or study room should not have the same kind of lighting.

Overhead lightings are the most commonly used type of light fixtures as it acts as the main source of light in every room. However, a glaring light directly above you is not comforting at all; it is in fact painful to the eyes. It is also not good to have a single overhead light in a room in feng shui because aside from it being too harsh to look at, it casts dark shadows which are not good for feng shui. But it is not like the end of the world yet, you can always do something about it! Bring out the best of your home’s different rooms with these feng shui light tips:

Avoid Creating Shadows and Over Brightness

In installing your light fixtures, make sure that it will not create shadows as this is unlucky in feng shui. You can avoid this by using multiple light sources instead of relying on a single ceiling light. Do not be afraid to add more than one light fixture in your home. However, be mindful of having 7, 9, or 11 light sources in a single space as this are considered not good numbers in feng shui.

In addition, you may also try light fixtures with an uplight design so that the light bounces off all over the room. This is a great addition to a space since its design strategically targets dark corners which is also discouraged in feng shui.

Use The ‘Triangle of Light’ Method In Activity Areas 

Setting up your light fixtures in a way that they make a triangular formation creates an inauspicious energy that is very much needed in some parts of your home like: office space, playroom, or other areas of activity. You may use various light fixtures in making this type of set up. For example, you may use a stand tripod lamp, a desk lamp, and a ceiling light to create a triangle of light. But it is also crucial to make sure that each light fixture is not too bright since it creates gigantic amount of active energy which could in turn make the room’s feng shui chaotic. 

Another thing you must watch out according to feng shui is mistakenly placing three lights directly straight with each other. Accordingly, this looks like candles in a line used for praying, worship and grieving and is not recommended in to your home. 

Use Dim Lightings for Rest Areas

Your resting areas including your bedroom should have an ambiance that can soothe and calm you. Since lighting’s intensity plays a huge role in creating an ambiance, it is recommended to install light fixtures that is of soft type in these areas. This is because a dim setting promotes sleepiness and relaxation. 

Try to imagine having a bedroom that is very illuminated. Will you be able to sleep well? I do not think so, not unless you scoot inside your blankets. Hence, if you have a very bright room try changing your bulbs into adjustable ones so that you can lower its light intensity according to your liking. Even if you are used to turning off all your lights when you sleep, the light in your room should be able to set the mood so you will not have a hard time trying to doze off. In fact, people with insomnia are proposed by therapists to do this trick. You might want to try it for yourself and see how much it changes your sleep pattern!

Use Light Changing Led Bulbs

Interior designers often use a light changing bulbs for their projects as it can easily manipulate the mood of any room. And I can attest that the invention of the light changing led bulbs is the real game changer! These bulbs can change their colors from cool bright white light to warm beige dim lights. With this said, you can easily switch your lights to the color and brightness that can create the mood you are trying to pull off. This light feature is best for people who has a single room for their sleeping area and work area. Switching your bulbs into light changing ones is also cheaper than buying multiple lamps.

Also note that the light setting that has a bit of pinkish, yellowish, or purplish shade is good for sleeping while the cool bluish bright shade is perfect for working.

Final Thoughts

Investing for your home’s light setting impacts the energy around it more than we think. Thus, it is important to make sure that the lighting condition in your home is somewhat decent. It can also highly affect the appearance of your room and is actually a great addition to your interiors. 

Play with your lights and see how much it changes the aesthetics of your home! Also, do not leave out any dark areas in your home because it can potentially attract any unfortunate event in your life. Lastly, allow natural lighting to pass through your windows and in your house as this greatly contributes to having a happy energy around your home!

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