Create Balance in Your Work Space: 6 Tips for Perfect Office Feng Shui

How can your office benefit from feng shui?

You've probably heard of home feng shui, but many people don't know about office feng shui. It's a variation of home feng shui with overlaps featuring different considerations you face in the workplace.

Do you work in an office and feel stagnant creatively? Maybe things seem a bit off?

You need balance and good energy to excel, so it's time to implement office feng shui. This isn't as far-fetched as you might think.

Good feng shui isn't outdated-new scientific discoveries prove the power of color and sound. Are you ready to provide energy, life, and balance to your work space?

Follow our practical tips to create office feng shui.

1. Clear Away Office Clutter

One of the most important parts of creating a positive work environment is having a clean, uncluttered office space. When your office is filled with clutter, it makes it difficult to focus. To get started with proper office feng shui, start by clearing away all the office clutter. Simply organizing shelves, drawers and desks will create a sense of calm and make it easier to concentrate.

Create a place for everything and dedicate a spot for important documents. Don't forget to discard items that you no longer require. Regularly decluttering and organizing your office space will ensure that it is conducive to a positive work-life balance.

Every few months, take a few minutes to remove paperwork and other items that are cluttering up the space. Not only will it make the area look better, it will also help reduce stress.

2. Opt for a Feng Shui Office Layout

For perfect office Feng Shui, opting for a layout with a balanced combination of Yin and Yang elements is critical. Yin is associated with receptive, feminine qualities whereas Yang is associated with active, masculine traits. An office should embrace both of these energies in order to cultivate the best outcomes.

Desks should be properly arranged to allow easy flow of energy, and employers should also consider integrating plants in their office, which promote healthy energy, wherever possible. Additionally, instead of boxed in cubicles, creating a more open layout can have a profound effect on the energy of the space. This can also encourage collaboration and open lines of communication.

Simple Feng Shui elements like mirrors and fountains can be used to encourage even more positive energy into an office. Last but not least, the lighting should be carefully considered.

Placing lights in the right location say for example beside an office murphy bed can help eradicate stale energy. Ultimately, with thoughtful planning, employers can ensure the Feng Shui of their office is optimal.

3. Incorporate Nature Into Your Office

Office feng shui can be easily cultivated when one gives thought to incorporating nature into the environment. Natural elements such as plants, flowers, and wood can make any space brighter and calmer.

Placing small, easy-care plants strategically in the space can be a great way to add life and movement to the area, while choosing furniture and décor with natural wood or organic textures can help ground the energy and bring balance to the room.

Adding soothing lighting and inviting wall art can also help set the mood for a tranquil office oasis. Soft colors can be used to great effect, as well as scenting the air with incense or essential oils. Incorporating nature to your workspace can be the perfect way to foster creativity and productivity in the workplace.

4. Avoid Fire Elements

If you're looking to establish solid Feng Shui in your office, it's important to be aware of the fire element, and take steps to avoid it. Strong fire elements, like the sun, direct light, or heat, can lead to an uncomfortable office environment, and even distraction.

It's important to use window coverings and/or monitor filters to minimize strong sunlight. If your building has heating or cooling vents, consider redirecting the air away from your desk. When it comes to fire, thinking ahead can help you prevent any unforeseen problems.

Incorporating items that are lighter in color, such as house plants or cool hues may be able to help diffuse or absorb any excess fire energy. Taking proactive steps to avoid fire elements will help keep you, your environment and work balanced and harmonious.

5. Bring in Water and Metal Elements

Feng Shui is a method of interior design which relies on the careful placement of objects in order to create a positive, calming and organized space. When it comes to an office, bringing in water and metal elements can be incredibly helpful in creating perfect feng shui.

Consider adding items such as freshwater aquariums, terrariums, wind chimes, or water features, as well as metal items such as sculptures, lamps, clocks, and geometric designs. This creates a sense of balance, energy, and flow throughout the office.

Doing so in this way helps to break up stagnant energy that can be caused by electronic equipment and other objects. Furthermore, the combination of water and metal can serve as a powerful enhancer of positive energy, creating a peaceful workspace.

6. Place Your Desk in the Power Position

One way of incorporating feng shui to your office in particular is by placing your desk in the power position. This ensures the energy in your space is calm, inspiring, and motivating. To create that power position, face your desk directly to the door, making sure you can see anyone entering your office.

Take extra steps to make sure you are in control of what happens in your space by avoiding having your back to the door and clutter around you. As a result, you'll naturally feel more connected, empowered, and balanced in your environment.

Introducing this feng shui practice to your everyday workspace will allow for positive energy, allows inspiration to flow, and puts you in control of your environment.

All About Creating the Perfect Office Feng Shui

Overall, creating balance in your office feng shui is about soothing your senses and adjusting the flow of energy in your space. Take the time to try different feng shui tips and experiment with the effects.

You'll be surprised with how productive and focused you can become. Give it a try today!

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