Do Pillows Block Good Feng Shui?

The answer is YES if you have too many of them. 

According to the ancient Chinese belief, the way we build houses or arrange objects affects the health, success and happiness of people living in it. Feng shui uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environments.

Now when we talk about arranging objects to suit each individual, we should also consider the way we arrange the pillows in our bed. 

Having too many pillows on the bed can disrupt peace and harmony. Too many pillows on the bed indicates that you like being lonely and do not want to share the space with anyone. Sending out such messages can cause problems in your relationship. It is also believed that, a bed with clutter of pillows is difficult to get into. Having lesser pillows makes your life simple.

A bedroom with good Feng Shui always welcomes you into your own bed.

It also welcomes someone else too, if that’s what’s on your mind. There should be enough pillows for two people on a bed, according to Feng Shui. While sufficient pillows create a constant inflow of energy, too many of them tend to create a blockade. It gets messy when you want to sleep and a proper ritual of cleaning needs to be established every morning which takes away a part of your time every morning as soon as you wake up and every night before you sleep.

Remember, the bed should be open and welcoming for the peace of mind of the individual sleeping on the bed. It helps their mind remain calm throughout day and nurtures the person’s relationship with his or her partner.

Following these easy steps makes your bedroom closer to being a calming, welcoming and good Feng Shui bedroom. Feng shui not only allows flow of energy, but also makes your home look attractive. The colors to be used and furniture and its placement recommended by feng shui experts add to the beauty of the house. If you believe in feng shui, following these tips will benefit you immensely and for people who do not believe in feng shui, it just acts like a good home décor. Doesn’t matter if you believe in feng shui or not, these tips will help you anyway.


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