What Is a Poison Arrow in Feng Shui, and Why Should You Avoid It?

A poison arrow is defined by Your Dictionary as a sharp object that points toward something and is believed to disrupt the flow of energy and have harmful effects. This object referred to by the definition may be man-made or natural. It can also be visible or invisible to our naked eyes. You are probably wondering how a poison arrow can be invisible when, in the first place, we describe it as something that is sharp (a trait of an object we can see). Accordingly, the universe is filled with energies, similar to scientific studies claiming that everything is composed of molecules. It is just that, often times, our eyes are not able to see some of these energies. And this is in fact a threat to us since the invisible poison arrows are much harder to detect, prevent, and cure since we do not know they exist in the first place. Before discussing the dangers of a poison arrow, let us first know the things that can be considered or can produce poison arrow energy.

1. Tall Buildings

Some buildings in front of your house are considered "poison arrows," as they have edges that point towards your abode. You will know that a building is acting as a cutting chi when it is tall and has a boxy shape. Modern office buildings and condominiums are now made in a simple fashion where they use glass to make the view from the inside of the building beautiful, but this might cause problems for you. You see these kinds of buildings anywhere now, and as you probably observe, they look edgy with a lot of straight lines in their design. If you find one in front of your home, then consider this a poison arrow that you would need to address.

2. Posts and Signage

Posts and signage can also be poison arrows, especially when the sharp edges point towards the mouth of your home, which is your front door. It can be small or big; nevertheless, both harm you the same.

3. Road Positions

When your home is located by the road, the first thing you should do is check if it is in a position that causes poison arrows to be pointed toward it. When your house is on a curve road, check whether it is inside the curve or outside of it. A house inside the curve is fine, but if your house is located outside a curved road, that road is considered a poison arrow. It is also not recommended to have a house at the end of the street or at a T-junction. The road would appear to stab through your house. A house under or near an overpass is also susceptible to poison arrows and should be avoided. On another note, if you find yourself in need of reliable and convenient transportation services, you might want to explore what Rental24.co.uk has to offer in terms of car rental services

4. Cemeteries and Hospitals

Although these places do not have any visible sharp corners that point toward your home, they still carry "sha chi," also known as killing breath. They are said to carry a great deal of negative energy and having your home in front of these places is not advisable. You would also not want your home to be fronted by any neglected or dilapidated buildings, as they also carry the same type of energy.

5. Chandelier and Light Fixtures

Chandeliers usually have a sharp crystal design that droops down toward you. It is undeniably an appealing piece to have at your home, but unfortunately, they are considered poison arrows and are highly discouraged in feng shui. Some other light fixtures have a pointy design, which can also cut chi inside your home. It is better to avoid these types of light fixtures than experience the issues that poison arrows can cause.

6. House Decoratives and Patterns

It is also best to avoid using pointy patterns in your home as decorations. Even though the design does not have any dimension, such as an artwork or wallpaper, anything that depicts anything sharp can be a poison arrow.

Why Should You Avoid Poison Arrows?

There are a lot of reasons why you should avoid poison arrows. One is that they are energies in the form of arrows that shoot toward you. Even though you do not see it, you will definitely feel the tension. Basically, a poison arrow disrupts the flow of energy inside your home, making it unable to supply energy to the nine guas of your home. These nine rooms of your home do not only represent the respective rooms in which they are located but are also connected to nine aspects of your life. One of those life aspects is wealth. If a poison arrow attacks your wealth corner, you will likely suffer financial loss or setbacks. This will go the same way to other aspects of your life if there is a poison arrow in that gua of your home. However, the most dangerous and probably the most difficult to address are poison arrows located outside, specifically in front of your house.

Your front door is the mouth of chi, and this is where all the energy from the universe goes in. If a poison arrow is already interrupting the flow at the mouth of your house, then it will not be able to supply energy to the rest of your house, immediately affecting all of your life aspects! With all this said, poison arrows are something you should really avoid.

How to Remedy Poison Arrows

1. Tall Plants

To cover exterior poison arrows, place a tall plant in front of them so that instead of the sharp, piercing energy, your home will be able to absorb earth energy from the plant.

2. Wall

You can also add a wall that can deflect the poison arrow in front of your home. Be creative with your wall and avoid using a boring brick wall. You can opt for a plant wall instead.

3. Bagua Mirror

The bagua mirror is known to deflect the negative energies sent towards you. However, this should be your last resort, as some poison arrows are not pointed by your neighbors intentionally. By reflecting it back towards them, you are likely letting them receive all the harm of poison arrows.

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