3 Feng Shui Reasons Why Spiral Staircases Is a Big No-No!

In the modern world that we live in, our home interior architectural designs have improved to serve our needs of wanting more space. Open living spaces were becoming a thing, as well as storage compartments under our beds or the stairs. One of the ideas made to save space is to make our stairs spiral! It is a brilliant idea design-wise. 

In addition, having spiral staircases in your home brings a look of elegance and grandeur. It is undeniably beautiful and neat. However, despite all the benefits it brings, dangers still await you. The number of disadvantages you will get from having these spiral stairs at home will make you have second thoughts. These dangers could range from bad luck to health issues. Read more to know why feng shui says a big no-no to spiral staircases.

What Are the Dangers? 

There are several reasons why spiral staircases are discouraged in your home. Feng shui experts will probably give the same three major reasons which I am about to tell you. I will also be listing out general reasons why you must not have these types of stairs at home.

3 Feng Shui Reasons Why It is a No-No!

Corkscrew Shape

The shape of circular stairs looks like a corkscrew digging into your home. According to the Bagua map, our home has its assigned areas that can greatly affect our lives. These areas (also called gua) are family and new beginnings, wealth and abundance, helpful people and travel, knowledge and self-cultivation, center and health, children and completion, fame and reputation, career and life path, and lastly, love and partnership. It is said that if the spiral stairs are located in whichever gua area in your home, it would also negatively affect that area of your life. 

Let us presume that the spiral staircase is located in the middle gua of your home. In this case, the stairs are figuratively tunneling into the heart of the Bagua. This situation is also commonly coined as being ‘pierced through the heart’. It sure hurts bad to be pierced through your heart, and this is what somewhat happens to the chi that protects and nourishes that certain zone of the Bagua. In the literal sense, it will cause you multiple health issues! 

In conclusion, it is better to avoid spiral staircases, as they can destroy the gua areas of your life.


This is also related to the former reason. Spiral staircases are also usually made with metallic materials. The metallic material of these stairs aggravates the drilling effect on your home. 

Empty Space Steps 

The usual design of spiral staircases has empty spaces between each step thus disrupting the continuous flow of chi energy. You know what happens when the chi energy of your home doesn’t flow thoroughly—it clogs and creates chaotic energy! It is also believed that energy won’t rise up but rather flows down due to the spiral shape whirlpooling downwards. This is probably why most house owners with these kinds of stairs claim to generally feel uneasy and tardy. 

General Reasons Why It is a No-No!

Limited Visibility

Going up and down a spiral staircase gives you little to no visibility of what awaits you there. It is also dizzying to go up and down these twirly stairs. The importance of having visible access to where you are going is common knowledge. It does not help you get alert when there are intruders. 

Hazardous Shape

Mathematically speaking, the rise-to-run ratio or slope of spiral staircases is barely passable for egress. It is impossible to go up and down the stairs while carrying someone. Thus, it is not a very convenient stair to have when there are emergencies. Imagine having a pregnant woman ready for delivery on the second floor of your house. The variation between the widths of steps is a tripping hazard especially when you are in a hurry.

Not Safe for Children

If you have children then it is enough reason for you to be discouraged from living in a house with a spiral staircase. A child can even trip in a normal type of stairs, how much more to a spiral one with large empty spaces between the steps? It is hard to navigate a spiral staircase, especially when going down. The inner part of the steps is narrow and you possibly cannot see or land on the next step. If we can barely navigate this type of stairs, then it means it is very dangerous for them!

Non-fire Emergency Stairs

The materials usually used for spiral staircases are not fire-safe. They are usually made with metal, wood, and glass. Metals are good conductors of heat thus trying to escape a fire on these stairs can give you burns. Wood can also be easily burned down by fire. Do I need to explain what happens to glass in excessive heat? Well, it breaks.

Feng Shui Remedies

If you already have a spiral staircase in your home and could not for some reason remove it, then these are the remedies for you!

  1. To remedy the corkscrew effect of these stairs, add an earth element at the base of the stairs like—plants. It counteracts the chaotic energy created by the spiral staircase.
  2. You can also cover the empty spaces with wood or fabric. It is up to you. Get creative!
  3. To cure the downward appearance of the spiral staircase, add lights that point up to each step. This will also brighten up the steps and it will actually look great.                
  4. Another way to lose that corkscrew shape is by placing vein-type plants like ivy in your railings. It will look aesthetically pleasing. You will instantly have stairs that look like one from storybooks.
  5. Since it is hard to cure the hazard of these staircases, train yourself and your family members to use the inner side of the step when you go up and the outer part when you go down. Also, hold the railings, especially when going down.

Additional Note

The remedies I have listed do not necessarily counter the danger spiral staircases bring. It only mitigates the result. Thus, if it is possible, avoid placing or choosing this type of stairs in your home. Prevention is always better than cure! 

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What about a spiral rock garden at the front of the house for feng shui

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