Feng Shui Bedroom Art: Do’s & Don’ts

When you’re setting up your bedroom with Feng Shui, think carefully about the art you keep around yourself.

The images you go to sleep and wake up with every day have an outsize influence on your heart, mind and energy, so Feng Shui has some very strong views on the art for a bedroom.

I’ve worked with many clients whose intention is to attract a healthy relationship, but the art in their bedroom says sadness and solitude.

For example:

Picasso -- Blue Nude painting

Blue Nude by Picasso, courtesy of art.com

If you’re looking to attract romance with Feng Shui, pairs artwork is best.

I definitely advise against decorating with art that depicts a lone woman, hanging her head and with her back against the world. Likewise with something like this:

Picasso -- The Old Guitarist painting

The Old Guitarist by Picasso, courtesy of art.com

This forlorn and skeletal guitar player transmits a message of loneliness and scarcity every time you look at him.

Avoid artwork that depicts a “single” image. When you’re seeking a happy relationship, this type of art sends exactly the wrong message, both to your inner self and to anyone who sees it in your home.

Similarly, this poster, which I saw in one client’s bedroom, shows Jennifer Lopez aiming her gun at her lover, George Clooney, in the movie “Out Of Sight.”

Out Of Sight movie poster

Movie poster courtesy of moviegoods.com

This is not just a relationship-destroying image. In my client’s case, the husband was suffering from tremendous health problems which began to subside as soon as they removed the poster.

The messages you reinforce to yourself in your environment become the signals you internalize and send out to the world.

Two flowers photograph
Bonnie Bruno photo courtesy of fineartamerica.com

It is much better from a Feng Shui point of view to use bedroom artwork like this:

A fresh and vital image of two flowers is not too flowery, yet it transmits a positive message of hope, growth and togetherness all at once.

And one more way to bring Feng Shui “pairs” energy into your bedroom?

Hang two photos or other pieces of art that relate to one another, to convey a message of connectedness and relationship.

Do you like the “relationship imagery” you have around you? Is it time for a change?

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