Master the Feng Shui Approach on Bedroom Art: Do’s and Don’ts

Your bedroom is the most important area of your home. This is the place where you relax and be at your most unguarded times. Keeping your bedroom beautiful and cozy brings a great impact to your sleep and to your romance as well. It is vital that you are conscious with everything you put into this space because you will spend most of your time in this area of your home.

Even though this part of your home is hardly seen by your visitors, it still needs a little pampering. Placing artworks in your bedroom will help it not just become more visually pleasing but also bring good energy that can help you with your love life and abundance. However, you must be careful in choosing the art you will be placing in your space because as much as it can give you good energy, it might also ruin your mood and relationships if placed in the wrong corner or if you’ve chosen the wrong art.

So, the real question is-- what should you do and what should you avoid in placing artworks in your bedroom?

What You Should Do

In selecting the artwork for your bedroom, you may choose from a variety of artwork like sculptures, figurines, or paintings. No matter what form of artwork you opted for, it is crucial to consider how that certain artwork can affect you. These are the list of artwork ideas you may take into account depending on what effect you are hoping to get:

1. For Long-lasting Love

These are the best artworks to choose if you are married or in a relationship.

  • Pair of Birds (or Mandarin Ducks)
    It is said that birds are the best symbol for marriage and love. Many believe that they are messengers sent down to lovers here on earth from the moon where the god of marriage lives. We probably all know that marriage ceremonies are best celebrated with birds as part of decorations. Kissing birds are even made as cake toppers and actual doves are freed by the groom and bride to signify their union.You can also keep challenge custom coins for the bird that symbolizes love and marriage Here are examples of bird artworks you can place in your bedroom!
    Mandarin Ducks

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A pair of mandarin ducks are good artworks for married couple’s bedrooms. If you do not prefer painted arts, you may purchase rose quartz figurines that you can easily place in your bedside table

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This type of birds are probably the most common cake topper decorations. What could be more romantic than seeing a picture of two kissing swans. They form a perfect heart shape with their arched necks. You can hang this artwork at the top of your headboard! Aside from the feng shui benefits you can gain from this, it also looks appealing due to its symmetry.

Image source

Golden Double Happiness Plaque

Image source

The golden double happiness plaque is a gold-plated plaque feature that represents feng shui love. This is a very good art accessory for you and your spouse’s bedroom. The plaque contains two Chinese characters arranged side by side symbolizes marriage happiness. Due to its golden accent, it will make an elegant artwork for your bedroom.

2. For Finding Love

If you are single and is hoping to find love, these artworks are best for you:

  • Pair of Elephants
    Feng shui says that having a ceramic of two elephants in your bedroom will assist you in attracting a faithful lover. But always beware of the elephant’s trunk because it must always be trumpeting up, not down. It is also recommended to have the pair of elephants in different color, such as black and white.
  • Red Peonies
    Are you a single woman looking for a better half? Hang a beautiful picture of red peonies in the southwest corner of your bedroom and surely your soulmate will come and find you in no time
  • Peach Blossom Animal Luck

    Using a peach blossom animal that has an artistic representation in your bedroom is said to help you find your soul mate. You can purchase a figurine of your peach blossom animal in your bedroom though you must be cautious with the condition of the figurine. It must not contain any flaws like a scratch, a crack, or a chip. To know your peach blossom animal and where you have to place it, you may refer to the photo below.

3. For Your Self Comfort

  • An Art That Resonates You
    The best art for you is the art that can make you feel good by looking at it. Make sure that whatever you choose, it must be something you love because you will be seeing it every day. How you feel about your art can affect your demeanor.
  • Less is More

    Overcrowding your bedroom with art even with things that feng shui approve is not good for you. Having less in your room gives more coziness to it. 

  • Choose the Right Color Scheme

    Make sure to select an artwork that has a color that matches your bedroom. Imagine having a lavender room and a vibrant green artwork; by the looks of it I am sure you will be annoyed than relaxed. It is best to choose an art with pastel or muted colors because these types do not provoke emotional outburst.

What You Should Not Do

There are certain restrictions in choosing an artwork for your bedroom according to feng shui. This are things you have to avoid because doing so could destroy your bedroom’s energy and worse, could affect your love life. These are some of the things you must not do:

1. Artwork of Water Image

Feng Shui says that picture of swans and fish in your bedroom is good for you. However, it is indeed difficult to find artworks of this symbols without water. Yes, water images are discouraged in your bedroom as this might disrupt the flow of energy around you. In some cases, though, images with water are acceptable as long as it is motionless. What is referred here is an image of gushing water like a water fall, a river and fast streams which can create inauspicious energy. 

2. Lonely-looking Images
What you put into your bedroom attracts the same energy it portrays. Thus, if you are hoping to find love and romance then you must avoid displaying pictures that depict loneliness. Another thing you must not do is to place a painting which you do not like. Art can easily affect your mood and seeing a bad painting or art before you sleep ruins your mood which can then lead to insomnia or uneasiness.

3. Dried Flowers and Herbs
Contrary to the modern trend, feng shui will tell you not to use dried flowers as a bedroom ornament. The dried flower and herb carries a dead energy with it and this may cause you and your lovers some health issues!

4. Pictures of Cats

Unfortunately, if you are a cat lover or a cat mom, hanging of cat pictures in your bedroom is strictly not allowed in Feng Shui. Despite of their overloaded cuteness, doing so might cause a disaster or theft to your home.

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