Feng Shui Cleaning Techniques for a Positive Home

Achieving that ultimate serenity in our homes can be a daunting endeavor due to the numerous obstacles and messiness that lie in front of us. Uplifting the living environment doesn't only come from creating utter balance between the senses and your mood, it's also about rearranging the furniture in the Feng Shie mantra to attract positive energy and tranquility. To attract the most purifying energy and create an absolute harmonizing space, you need to clean the premises with a specific Feng Shui cleaning technique. Yes, you heard it well - Feng Shui cleaning is more than mere physical tidying up, it's about implementing ancient wisdom to promote positivity and cleanliness in your home. And here is how to do just that.

Declutter wisely

Clearing out the clatter is the very first in achieving inviting home energy that would be transferred to all residents. This entails getting rid of all unused and unnecessary items that have been lying all around a house and not serving any purpose. Start by clearing out the clutter in every room, dusting each element, and eliminating dirt and germs from various surfaces. Throw out all outdated and faulty items, toss unused clothes, and get rid of all newspapers and documents that you find no use of. Only by clearing out the messiness would you infuse mindfulness in your home and above.

Tackle the bathroom thoroughly 

One of the most vital Feng Shui cleaning techniques involves deep cleaning your bathroom. According to Feng Shui, the bathroom represents one of the most uplifting rooms in the house as you come there at the end of the day or early in the morning to refresh and beautify yourself. Tackle the wash basin, shower, and toilet, and place some aromatherapy candles, diffusers, and scents to achieve an invigorating and tranquil vibe. With that in mind, cleaning a smelly washing machine ought to be on your list of cleaning tasks as well, since all aspects of the bathroom must smell lovely and clean to allure total serenity.

Harmonize your bedroom

Feng Shuis is now a common concept around the globe that entails attracting positive energy to have a good change in your life. You can attract positive energy in your home with Feng Shui cleaning bedroom techniques, and generate greater energy in the bedroom (with all things in mind). First, declutter the bedroom as already mentioned, and clean it top-to-bottom by washing the sheets, changing the curtains, dusting and vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the floors, and reorganizing your wardrobe. Also, move the location of your bed. According to the Feng Shui notion, your bed ought to be repositioned so you can see the door, and you might want to put lamps on both bedside tables for perfect symmetry.

Organize your kitchen mindfully

The kitchen is the most stayed-in room in the entire house, and what is common to the Feng Shui belief - a clean and organized kitchen exudes prosperity and good health. Consequently, to achieve the utmost potential of your kitchen and to help you contribute to bringing a positive vibe, you need to spruce it up fully and organize it neatly. This entails getting rid of any broken, unwanted amenities, and ditching expired food cans and similar. Utilize smart food containers with clear labels to have your pantry organized. Next, clean the cabinets, and wipe all countertops, sink, and any other hard surfaces. Clean the fridge, oven, and other appliances inside out so you always have them smell fresh and neat for the next usage.

Let natural light

Keeping your windows clean and shiny is another way to allure positive energy into your home. Direct sunlight, according to Feng Shui, will help you feel uplifts, trigger productivity, and make the house more welcoming. To allow plenty of sunlight in, your windows must be clean as well as curtains, draperies, and blinds. Use a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaning product to clean the windows, then wipe them again with a soft microfibre cloth so as not to leave stains. Aim to wash your curtains at least once a month, but change them twice a month. By having your windows clean and letting plenty of natural light in, you would contribute to uplifting the spirit in your home and creating a mindful and balanced energy.

Bring nature in

Last but not least, as the Feng Shui mantra functions on embracing all five nature elements, to create such a positive vibe in your home, you need to balance all of them to achieve perfect home serenity and cleanliness. Fire, wood, water, metal, and earth should be represented in your house to deliver prosperous health and wealth. Clean the corners and place a lovely house plant to purify the air. This would bind the earth and wood elements. Add natural gemstones such as citrine to the flower pot on the coffee table to amplify the serene ambiance and so on.

Feng Shui mindful cleaning is not merely about doing physical cleaning tasks, it's about bringing about a more cultivating and sensuous approach.

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