Feng Shui Color Tips: ORANGE

One of the most brilliant colors in the spectrum, Orange brings radiance and joy to any setting you choose.

Combining Yellow, the color of royalty, with vibrant, passionate Red, shades of Orange create positive energy and an atmosphere that is both warm and elegant.

Notice how the orange pillows bring balance to this outdoor patio: fiery orange lights up and “melts” the dominant white of the cool Metal element, balancing the Chi energy of the space.  This is a great example of Feng Shui Five Elements at work.


There is a strong aspect of the sacred associated with the color Orange.

Because they represent such strong Yang energy, in Feng Shui we use Orange fruits to enhance the Chi during Space-Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies.  Here is an example, in this photo of an altar I recently set up in a client’s space.


The beauty of the oranges’ shape and color in addition to their suffusing fragrance introduces a powerful Chi aura into the ceremony.

This creates transformational energy that affects the Chi of the space long after the Blessing Ceremony has been completed.

You can affect your own space in a similar way.

If it lacks a certain spark and brilliance, add Orange colors or Orange fruits and feel it spring right back to life!

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