Feng Shui Color Tips: RED

Red is considered the most powerful Yang color in Feng Shui, and as such shades of red need to be handled with the utmost discretion and care.

In Feng Shui Red symbolizes your most passionate emotions — love, enthusiasm and expansiveness.

Red is the color of the blood that flows through your veins, nourishing your heart and soul. It’s the color of Fire, warm and even hot to the touch. 

So — when should you use the color Red for Feng Shui, and when is it best to avoid it?

Use the color Red to support your Feng Shui when you wish to

  • Activate romance and passion, especially in your bedroom.
  • Revive a relationship that’s gone cold.
  • Express yourself more clearly and bring greater visibility to yourself and your accomplishments
  • Wake up a sleepy environment with sparks of color.
  • Add a sense of joy, laughter and warmth to your space and your life.

It’s best to use a light touch to improve your Feng Shui with the color Red. See what happens as you add Red gradually. 

In your living room you might start by placing a few Red accessories rather than a huge red couch, or paint one dining room wall Red, rather than the whole room. 

It’s best to avoid Red when

  • Your emotional life is overheated. Bickering, arguments and conflict call for cooler colors.
  • You or someone in your family suffers from heat-related health challenges related to the heart or the bloodstream.
  • Someone in your household is having trouble focusing, or demonstrates addictive behavior.

For good Feng Shui, every space needs at least a bit of Fire. 

Use these tips to decide just how much Red you wish to use for good Five Elements balance, or whether there might be a more low-key way to go.

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