The Feng Shui Mystery Behind the Color Red

Do you know which color symbolizes life itself? —it is no other than the color red! It is a very powerful and versatile color with a lot of varying claims from different people. Red indeed is beautiful and sophisticated. This color carries with it a mysterious vibe of attraction. Meanwhile, some people say it is a vicious color that portrays wars and chaos. Yet, some other people claim that it encapsulates love, peace, and compassion toward others. Knowing all of these claims you will realize that their statements and opinions about this color do not support each other. However, despite all these opposing and conflicting perceptions of the color red, we all know for sure that blood is red. And if you think of it, blood actually symbolizes life; and life in turn is full of ups and downs. Life could be good or bad. In other words, life is very complex and mysterious just like the color red. 

So, the real question is: what does red really stand for according to feng shui? Is it a good color like how others said it to be, or should it be avoided as it could bring mayhem? There is certainly a lot of mystery behind the color red that you must learn. As usual, I will be here to help you unlock all the facts there is to discover about the mystic color red. Here are the things that you should know about the color red:

The Luckiest Color of All

Feng shui practitioners will definitely debunk the people who think red is unlucky. In fact, they believe that red is the most auspicious and powerful among all the colors. To prove to you that they really consider red the luckiest among all the colors, I will give you an image as an example. Imagine you are currently celebrating Chinese New Year. What do you expect to see? Lots of red, huh? From the lanterns to the outfits and to that red envelope you are anticipating receiving or giving—it is all red! Wouldn’t that be enough proof and assurance that it is indeed linked with luck and wealth? Therefore, do not be afraid if you are fond of this color because according to the feng shui perspective, it is the color that surpasses all. It attracts wealth! You will find most Feng Shui charms in red color because that is what red does: it gives you luck. 

Red is a Well-Known Love Color

Red is closely associated with being in love. We even draw red hearts on Valentine’s cards and give out red roses for our special ones. Moreover, when we blush out of infatuation, our cheeks go rosy and red! So, what else would better fit to be the color of love than red? 

It is also believed in feng shui that the color red helps strengthen marriages. Applying a bit of red in a married couple’s bedroom will help them boost intimacy and connection. As a matter of fact, Indian marriages use red wardrobes as it is a symbol of love and romance. Thus, if you are hoping to keep the spark between you and your significant other, try putting red accents in your bedroom. You can use red throw pillows, red candles, or hang a red feng shui amulet. But never overapply especially if you are currently in the quarrel stage of marriage. Too much red aggravates arguments which lead us to the next mystery behind this color:

A Little Bit of Red Goes a Long Way

As I have already mentioned, red carries very auspicious energy. With this said, too much red can bring chaotic energy which can result in an abnormal flow of feng shui energy to your home. With your house having too much red, you will probably feel disturbed and agitated. But despite this fact, every part of your home still needs a touch of red as it is a good color that wards off evil. Additionally, when applied in the right amount, red makes everyone more joyful and sociable. What you can do to avoid applying too much is to balance it out with other elemental colors, such as green which is a wood element, or yellow which is an earth element. 

It Stimulates Productivity

Applying red to any room gives out productive energy to people. It does not encourage rest and relaxation which is why you will find a lot of red in busy restaurants. They believe that flooding their business place with red will make their customers leave faster which allows the, to cater more reservations. Thus, if you plan on applying red to your home, you should avoid over-applying like how business owners do since your home should make you feel relaxed and makes you want to linger all the time. 

Since red is good for productivity, feng shui encourages homeowners to apply red to the northeast and southwest sectors of their homes but avoid it in the east, southeast, west, and northwest.

Red Gives a Bold Statement

There is always something about this color that makes it stand out. As you can probably observe, celebrities who often use red are remembered more than those who do not. This is because red attracts attention. Some even say that wearing red on your first date makes you become unforgettable. Females who wear red lipstick are more susceptible to being stared at than those who don’t. This might be unexplainable, but it works! Try applying red accents to your home and surely you will get more compliments than ever. Even business brands that use red logos are very well recognized. Well, I do not know how but I guess that’s just how red works.

In A Nutshell

Red is undeniably a passionate and seductive color. It symbolizes a lot of things and even those that oppose each other. What I can say is, red in moderation is love while if in excess it becomes chaos. A little bit of red can make us feel ardent and passionate but too much can make us restless and uneasy. Red is high and low, and it is your job to balance it. 

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